The first time i start tge app and come close yo finishing the ride its always crashes, when i decide to redo the workout the second time it doesnt crash. I have the game set to the lowest setting i have the pc plugged in and i hear the fan running on the laptop. My computer is a basic microsoft surface laptop 3 touch screen and all . This is really starting to get to me because it happens every ride after the update o dont know what to do someone pls help

Hi @billy_SELECt, welcome to the Zwift Community Forums!

I took a look into your profile and the server side reporting to see if there was anything that might be causing the crashing, and I couldn’t find anything immediate.

Our tech support team should be able to dig into this a little bit more. If you can, please email a copy of your windows error report logs to our support team at so they can take a look and see what’s happening.

If you need help gathering a copy of that report, this support article should help.

I have and all i received was that that intel had issues and you guys were working on something! I had to smash the forum trying to look for a temp solution im had to drop the resolution from 1080p to 520p and its still crashing and my processor is working only around 60 percent so i don’t know what’s going on or how to proceed but I’m definitely not buying anymore technology on my end i spent over 2 gs getting my setup going only to be limited. By an app

It took me a bit to find the ticket you had with support, it was closed out a few weeks ago, but i did manage to find it. It looks like their assessment is correct, you’re experiencing a known issue involving 10th, 11th, and 12th gen Intel CPU’s with integrated graphics.

It’s not really a Zwift Specific issue, but there are a few things we have been able to do to correct the issue for a fair few members. There are still some that have the issue, like yourself. It has to do with how the Intel chipset processes the graphics.

The Zwift community has managed to find some workarounds for it, they don’t work for everyone but it’s worth looking into. everything from changing the height of your socks in game, to rolling back to previous graphic driver versions, along with how to guides for most of it.

The following forum threads seem to be the most thorough for the various workarounds if you’d like to check them out.