Zwift Crashing/Freezing Mid ride

Just tested (14.05.2021) - still crashes minutes into the game, so back to the old drivers.

Do you know if Zwift is able to give some kind of feedback or timeline on the fixes? I saw last night that there are plenty of riders struggling with windows crashing. But it seems there is still no urgency from Zwifts side to rectify

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Well, I somehow doubt that ZWIFT will actually fix it at all. I think that - assuming it really is a specific driver issue - all that they do is push it upstram to Intel and close tickets on it as “won’t fix” as indicated by their reply posted earlier in this thread. And at Intel I don’t know how high a priority this issue gets.

I mean, they include indeed fixes for specific issues with specific AAA games into the drivers, but I don’t know which ranking some subset of ZWIFT users using this specific chip version will have on their scale.

Hard to tell without knowing which change to the drivers triggers the crash. I thought about pinpointing the exact version that introduced the crashes and then compare the list of changes to get an idea - but honestly: I rather spend the time I have cycling than debugging this for them :wink:


Hi Georg - have just had a read through and saw you’ve had success with a downgrade of the graphics driver. Just wondering how you’ve fared now it’s been some time since you downgraded?

All I can say: no issues anymore since I use the old driver - I did not see a single crash since the downgrade.

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Just to help others I’m going to detail my journey fighting Zwift crashes. Same problem as many other posters, when looking at my log in event viewer around the time of the crash I see the message “Display driver igfxn stopped responding and has successfully recovered.” As with other posters my laptop has integrated graphics, for the record its a Dell XPS 7390 16GB i7-1065G7 (10th gen) - about a year old and a fairly well specced PC. When I started using Zwift about 2 weeks ago my gfx driver was dated Sep 2020. As advised by Zwift support I upgraded to the latest driver (May 2021) but still had crashes. Today I installed the oldest Intel Iris plus driver I could find on the Intel site (Mar 2020 - - this date precedes the emergence of the graphics driver issues raised in this thread. Did a 3.5hr ride today without issue. Have everything crossed! Will provide updates! Did try installing the drivers that Georg mentioned previously - was warned by Windows they were not verified for my system but forced them on anyway and end up with a black screen - had to jump through some hoops to recover things - lesson learnt!

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For anyone wanting to try out some old PC gfx drivers this site may be useful…

driversol. com/drivers/video-cards/intel/intelr-uhd-graphics

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I just tried downgrading to the 26.20.100 driver (had to use the zip file), but testing with “just watch” Zwift still locked up!

The previous version of Zwift only locked up in France and New York. This version is freezing a lot more often!

i have also been crashing for the last few months .
i have been told , its because my graphics card is too advanced for zwift ? zwift says they know about it , cant do anything yet?!
zwift freezes and becomes non responsive 20 to 30 min into work out .
The update before this last one , was perfect
mondays update through it all backwards again

it just makes no sense

pls can some one help … i am pulling my hair out ,

i have same issue , and response .

am beside my self with frustration

That’s a new one. :upside_down_face:

Beyond putting up with the crashes, the only solution is to run the game on another device.

An update re my last reported downgrade to - 5 days of riding, 300kms without a crash. Not getting my hopes up too much just yet - did have similar crash free periods with more recent drivers. And as Dave said and as per advice from Zwift, you may need to try using other non PC devices to reduce crashes.

I bought a new, faster Dell laptop in December following the specifications guidance provided on Zwift’s setup webpage. I continue to have crashes during rides 30 to 45 minutes into the ride. I haven’t tried to downgrade the graphics driver yet. However, I have pulled out the old laptop and had no issues in my last 4 rides.

Still crash free 10 days/many k’s down the road

I’ve switched to using my older laptop (4th generation processor) and haven’t had a crash either.

Still good - crash free after nearly 4 weeks and many hrs. Looks like the gfx driver downgrade has done the trick!

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My issues are all back - even worde than before.
My Zwift almost crashes now every ride. On Markuri Island it always freezes after around 10 minutes. Sometimes the game also does not freeze but just closes. I’m done with this ■■■■!

I have been having very repeatable crashes:

  1. Start riding Watopia - Road to Ruins
  2. Ride 2.9km
  3. Game crashes to desktop.

I have done this 4 times now, and it always crashes in the same place. Have reset PC in between. No difference.

(Probably unrelated, but I also have the dismembered bike shadows too).

Been a nightmare for me too since recent updates. Trying to wind back to v old drivers but struggling to find the old ones listed in this forum.
If no joy then will have to look for a new platform and kick Zwift into touch.

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