Zwift App Crash / Freeze / Not Responding Mid ride

Have been on Zwift about 11 months with no problem. Over the past week have had issues with game freezing mid ride (between 7 and 30 minutes into ride) and becoming unresponsive. Log says :

[16:34:01] NETCLIENT:[WARN] UDP connection timeout (2 so far), reconnection attempt 2
[16:34:01] NETCLIENT:[INFO] Connecting to UDP server…

each time…

No other internet issues in the household. 100Mbs Fibre. Son playing on XBox or streaming NetFlix without issue.

Happened now 4x in 4 days of trying, so getting a bit annoyed.

PC: Surface Book 3 with plenty of memory.
Zwift : 1080p only so not really taxing the GPU and has been stable for 11 months.

I did notice in game that the numbers in Watopia had dropped from 6100 to about 5200 over the preceding 5-10 minutes before the last crash, so either others had an issue and dropped out or a huge event just finished!

Any help?


That’s got Intel 10th gen integrated graphics, right?

Yes, 10th gen intel.
Has both Intel Iris Plus and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650.

Drivers are up to date.

Is Zwift definitely using your discrete graphics and not the iGPU? There are known freezing issues on 10th/11th integrated graphics, but obviously you shouldn’t be using it with Zwift if you have a 1650. Put a log file into and post the results.

Zwiftalizer gives a blank screen after upload with the logs. Not sure why.

Try the old site at

Thanks for that.

Weird - it’s using the iGPU. I’ll try and redock the tablet onto the base to see if it resets to using the Nvidia.

Might explain the freezing then if it’sa known issue with Intel 10th gen .

Is there a fix for that?

I believe it’s down to the version of drivers you’re using. Check to see if Windows updated them and if so roll back

Should be able to set which GPU to use per application in the Windows graphics settings. Alternatively see if you can just disable the iGPU in BIOS, which is what I’d probably recommend doing, specifically if this device is only being used for Zwift (I assume not). Might have a battery life penalty to use the 1650 at all times though.

You can just ignore the Intel freezing issues, since you definitely don’t want to be using the iGPU for Zwift on your system.

Somehow the Nvidia Display Adapter had become detached. Redocking the screen made it reappear.

Zwiftaliser shows the crashed instances used the iGPU and the ones not crashed used the Nvidia - very interesting! (except for one ride which I managed to finish on the iGPU!).

Have set ZwiftApp to now use the Nvidia in Windows Graphics settings and in the Nvidia Control panel. So fingers crossed it won’t happen again. Thanks for the help.

Is there a way of checking which display adapter Zwift is using whilst in the app?


The 1650 will be on Ultra profile, and the iGPU… won’t. :rofl:

That aside, the game will allow you to select up to 4K resolution in the game settings menu (though a 1650 isn’t strong enough for 4K, you should use 1440p). On integrated graphics you’ll be limited to 1080p max. PS: enable triple buffering in the Nvidia Control Panel. :wink:

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