Zwift Freezing mid ride

I keep having problems with Zwift crashing mid ride; not so much crashing but just freezing. I’ve read some Forums posts and tried a couple things and still don’t know/can’t figure out what is the problem.
I even replaced the Kickr Snap with a Kickr Bike, thinking that only connecting to a couple devices (Bike and HR) would be better than 4 devices (Snap, Cadence, HR, Climb) but still having the issue.

Today is the 3rd day this week that I had a problem with Zwift. On Tuesday Zwift froze, Wednesday Zwift lost connection with my devices and took me about 10 mins to get everything synced back up again. Then today, Zwift froze again! This is happening more and more frequently and its getting really upsetting! The worst part about today’s freeze was that I was doing to Road to Ruin route and I was 57 mins in and had about 1 mi to go and then it freezes! I even had everything else off in my house that could possibly cause some interference!

Please help!

PS. I looked at the log file in Zwiftalizer but I don’t know what I’m looking for or what any of the info means so not sure if that would help figure out my issue.

Here are the Zwiftalizer images from my ride today:

You’ve got Intel integrated graphics,so unfortunately it’s probably the widespread problem on this type of setup that Zwift are trying to track down at the moment.


So, what does that mean? What widespread problem?
I bought the laptop specifically to run Zwift. And that’s all I use it for.
Would another device be better?

Have a look at Zwift Crashing/Freezing Mid ride - #210 by Stuart_Farrimond_TCC

You could send your logs to Zwift to look at if you like. But they may take a while to get back to you, since they’re very busy at the moment.

You’ll see that a lot of people have been having similar problems. And you do have the integrated Intel graphics that seem to be common to so many of these reports.

If it is that problem then I’m afraid that until Zwift fix it, then the only thing you can do is try running it on a different client device, e.g. a different PC/Mac, an iPad, phone, Apple TV.

The only thing that you might take a small amount of comfort in is perhaps the fact that it’s not just you, and a lot of Zwifters are currently suffering from this. Hopefully this means that Zwift will prioritise a fix

Yes @Nick_Kish I recommend getting in touch with them for the reasons @Steve_Hammatt says.

And sadly there is no work around, I feel your pain, but I love my Zwifting so much that I’ve bought a cheap, refurbished computer via eBay (which has a decent graphics card in) so that I can have glitch free riding until they fix it.

@Stuart_Farrimond_TCC I’ve been considering that myself. I can return the laptop and get something more suited to the game.

Definitely a far better idea.

Agreed - save you a lot of frustration!

So, I bought a gaming PC and replaced the laptop. Initially, it did quite well as far as the freezing is concerned. My first 3 rides went well; except it lost connection with my Wahoo HR monitor in the first 2-3 mins of the ride.

So, I was going to try without the HR monitor at all (since it isn’t vital), but then this past Sunday wasn’t even getting a stable/consistent connection with the Kickr Bike. I tried again today, after re-installing Zwift on Sunday and got about 20 mins into my ride before Zwift lost connection with the Kickr Bike and couldn’t get it back consitantly.

Any ideas what would be causing the BT connection issues?

Hi, I am also having this problem. Constant freezing during rides. I use a lenovo laptop with interl core i3 10th Gen, windows and zwift software updated. Zwift deleted and reinstalled several times. Have switched off firewall and macafee. I’ve even updated my broadband and connect via ethernet. Only been happening since xmas. I’m extremely frustrated by this and don’t know where to go with it. Have contacted zwift but no response. Seems to happen more during races but also on training rides.
Any help or advice would be very helpful.

@Vaughan_Perkins There seems to be an issue with Zwift and integrated video cards (in laptops). I replaced my laptop with a gaming PC tower and that seems to have resolved the issue of Freezing during a ride.

Thanks Nick. I’ll try and use my android phone for a few months and see how that goes. It’s not a great zwifting experience though. It’s been unbelievably frustrating as I’ve put so much time into upgrading and improving my internet connection and it seems like the problem is with zwift. It was working perfectly up to Xmas but I can barely finish a ride now without it freezing completely. I’m reluctant to spend any more money on this though. Hopefully zwift support can reassure me but I’m not too hopeful.