Zwift Constantly Freezing on Rides

Hi There,

I’m having issues with Zwift crashing during a ride. I’m using a Wahoo Kickr Core trainer connecting via ANT+. My PC has a Intel Core I5 processor with more than sufficient RAM. When Zwift crashes, I have to CTRL ALT DEL and shut down the program. Then when I reopen it it tends to freeze while launching and the only solution is to restart my computer. I have disabled anti virus software as well and all windows updates have been done. Any ideas?

Hi @Rob_Costello, welcome to the forums.

Might be an overheating issue, what type of video card (gpu) do you have in the PC? Maybe it is getting overloaded.

If it is an onboard integrated graphics card, you might try lowering the resolution in the Zwift game menu.

Which one?

10th Generation I5 Dave

Hey Mike

It’s an Intel UHD Graphics Card. Has the latest drivers so don’t know what else I can do there. Can I still lower the resolution in Zwift?

Bad news I’m afraid, there’s nothing you can do.