Zwift freezes

Zwift freezes while I am ridding. Even when I go into watch only only it will freeze after a few minutes. Everything is disconnected … I am just watching people cycling and the screen will freeze.

Do you have intel integrated graphics?


Yes I do. I am am using a levono laptop

I have an I7 and an I5. I am also using other computers with other Graphic cards and they all have problems. The answer is simple GO BACK TO PREVIOUS VERSION.

I would suggest updating graphic drivers. Something does not seem right.

I have implemented all the proposed solutions and none of them worked, My Levono laptop worked perfectly well until the latest update so my machine was powerful enough to run Zwift effectively. After the latest update my laptop ( I7 ) with 2 graphic cards just keep logging out . Yesterday I bought the latest levono ( i7) thinking my old laptop wasn’t working anymore BUT the new laptop keep freezing after a short while of " Just watching " the cycling. Reading Mike’s txt above regarding Intel Graphic I decided to return the levono and get my money back ( $1000) . I then bought an HP laptop with an AMD Radeon graphic cards for $500 and now Zwift works perfectly. So in summary it has to do with Zwift being incompatible with some graphic cards.

Do a search for “intel graphics 11th generation game crash” you will see the 10th and 11th gen processors is having issues in many games.

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Yes you’re right this is why I am now using AMD Radeon PRO and it works fine. Thank you for the feedback