Zwfit freezes midride (since end of june update)

OS: Windows 10 1909 (up to date)
CPU: i7-1065g7
RAM: 16gb
GPU: Integrated Iris Plus Graphics (Driver:, also tried several older versions)
Network: Tried WiFi, Ethernet and tethered to 4g mobile. (all still causes freezes)
Zwift version: 1.0.54377(also crashed on july version, but not prior to june)

I have tried going Bluetooth only, Ant+ only and a combination of both.

In all cases zwift companion is running.

Message from event viewer:
" Display Driver Igfx Has Stopped Responding and Has Successfully Recovered"

message from zwift log (all looks the same):
'[17:56:43] NETCLIENT:[WARN] UDP connection timeout (1 so far), reconnection attempt ’ and so on.

I don’t believe the network is the issue since the Event viewer message always appears about 10-15 seconds before not being able to re-establishing connection to the udp server. I have put it through zwiftalizer[dot]com and the only warnings/errors it picks up is the udp error and failing to nslookup on “api[dot]segment[dot]io” as I’m running pi-hole (this should not be the cause of the issue as i’ve got it to freeze while tethered to 4g running dns server as well)

Sometimes it crashes after over an hour sometimes it crashes within 10 minutes. it has crashed on NY Map, Watopia, Yorkshire maps. It has happened within a workout and during freeride.

let me know if more information is required.

Chuck your log file into and show the results (when it crashes). Network issues normally have other symptoms but the analysis may highlight some anomalies that the guru’s here can assist with diagnosing.


i have 3 logs that crashed analysed but i can’t post images what is the best way to share it?

Like the below … this is from a dedicated machine that just does Zwift so is probably a good example of what good looks like

all i get is a message saying “Sorry, you can’t put images in a post”

Fire it through to me on ZwiftIsEverything at gmail etc and I’ll post it up.

And if anyone is curious, that email address wont be alive beyond this thread :expressionless:

Aaron’s Zwiftaliser results (pic1) …

pic 2 and 3

Thanks for that Dean, the network errors would be:
[19:09:18] NETCLIENT:[ERROR] Curl error: [6] ‘Couldn’t resolve host name’ for: POST h t t p s://api[dot]segment[dot]io/v1/track

[19:09:18] NETCLIENT:[ERROR] Failed to send telemetry

since I’ve got pi-hole running

No prob Aaron.

One thing you could try if you havent done so yet is to disable pi-hole for a bit (and anything else you may have running). Also your Win10 version could be bumped up to 2004 or whatever it is thats been out for a bit but thats just an fyi. Unlikely to make a difference.

Hard to know what the root cause as I certainly expected to see a flood of errors pointing to network, ANT or BT. UDP packet errors arent usually a big deal, and they are designed to be connectionless to tolerate failures plus the volume seems the volume seems low, and could well be your pi-hole.

And based on the Eventviewer timing, I would tend to agree with you that its not network. But what the root cause of the crashes is I really dont know.

And I dont want to tell you how to suck eggs as you seem fairly informed on these things but I did a search of interweb for that error and a lot of those issues are resolved by drivers - the one common fix was deleting the current driver, rebooting and allowing windows to use its default one before loading up the current. Apologies if this is a bit of an insult!

Might have to see if any of the pc guru’s out there can jump on this and help.

No insult taken at all! you’ve been super helpful with all this.

I am unable to update to the Windows 10 update 2004 as Microsoft still has issues that they are resolving that affects my device (ht tps://aka .ms/wrh-2004).

I have tried almost every driver from sep/2019 up to the beta version that was released on 27/08/2020 for my iGPU.

I have also tried all the different resolutions and fullscreen vs windowed to no avail. I have another device I could try, but it’ll require some setting up as it is running on linux at the moment.

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I have a similar issue with same symptoms and Windows 10 x64 i5 with latest drivers and Iris Plus GPU also. It happens, or it doesn’t, sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes 1 hour. The event viewer shows this every time right before it happens:

“Display driver igfxn stopped responding and has successfully recovered.”

but Zwift can’t recover. Currently have a ticket open. Found a post on answers. microsoft. com (won’t let me post the link) as well where 2 people have the same issue (no solution).

I have the same issue as well on new Dell XPS 13 i5 windows 10 x64 latest drivers installed. Its happens randomly and the event viewer shows:

“Display driver igfxn stopped responding and has successfully recovered.”

I have to close zwift from task manager and re-launch it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated


Went to wait cursor and by by … Just after today’s small update.

Your GPU seems to have not enough power or serious problems with the driver. Did you (manually!) check for updates?

My GTX 1650 is an entry level GPU - look at the benchmarks compared with Iris:

Could you explain more Paolo? I don’t understand if you’re saying today’s update resolved it or not.

As for gpu power / drivers comment from Milan: yes I manually updated to the latest version. It’s integrated graphics card in laptop so I don’t think adding an external card is an option for me. Windows says it recovered (it didn’t hang) but zwift does not. I have it on the basic settings. Sometimes it doesn’t happen at all so your lack of power argument doesn’t seem correct.

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The windows client crashed after the update, not before … log said it’s an ANT issue, but I’m quite confident the ANT stuff is working.

The error message "“Display driver igfxn stopped responding and has successfully recovered.” can be a software (driver) problem, for sure. But when reading the postings it looks like Zwift need more GPU power. I am not an expert for gaming, no idea how Intel handles Open GL (that is why Nvidia cards are better for Zwifting).

You could try that but it’s not working for me.

See article from intel : articles/000005482/graphics.html

I have the exact same problem with my LG gram, i7, with Irus plus Graphic Card. It never worked…

We are tons of people with that problem but it seems like nobody have the answer.

A friend of mine have the same computer, but a macbook and have no issue at all. This is related to zwift and or compatiblity with the driver.

I talked to Intel, we did some test and it’s not hardware. The graphic card can easily run zwift.

Does Intel say the GPU “can easily run Zwift”?
Of course they will not blame their own product… I read the article, looked once more the benchmarks - I do not believe it is Zwift problem.