Crashing every ride since January 4th 2021

Zwift has crashed on every attempt to ride since January 4th. The game freezes and I get the windows “Not responding” error.
Crashes happen free ride, in races, in race start pen, in workout mode, and with pace partner.
Some crashes after 20 or 30 minutes, some after 2 or 3 minutes. Usually very quickly with the pace partner. Longest times without crashing have been in free ride.
Never had a single crash before January 4th. Haven’t finished a single ride since.

Contact Zwift Support:

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A patch was sent out yesterday, did you update? It should help with the graphics issues a lot of users are having, and could be why your system was crashing especially when riding with the pace partners that usually have a lot of zwifters with them adding to the graphics load.

It is (once more) Intel UHD iGPU.
Zwift knows about the issue, there is another thread:

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Thanks for the replies.

I found that other thread about the GPU issue. I updated to yesterdays patch, hopefully that does it.

If not, I’ll be cancelling Zwift and trying another platform. Which is a shame, I’ve had a good routine this winter using Zwift. But if it’s going to be disrupted by this issue anyway, I won’t keep ruining my routine by waiting for the fix.

Last night’s patch didn’t solve it. Ride today only lasted 7 minutes before it froze. I haven’t been able to finish a single ride in the last 10 days, so I’m moving on from Zwift.

This reinforces my view that the large event fixes and the integeated GPU fixes are quite different things.

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Hi Steve,
yes, these are two different issues. But I hoped they could fix both…

I have no crashes (Nvidia dedicated GPU), but I have issues in big events. It is only when >1000 riding - losing connection after start. Have to wait for some time and reconnect, lose mostly about 1 minute. But the bottleneck seems to be the CPU.
Setup … Tacx Neo, P2M powermeter for power + cadence, Quadlock or Polar HRM (cheststrap).
Using Companion (no native BLE on my PC).
Going to test a stage of TdZ after yesterday’s update; have got an ANT+ and also BLE adapters for testing if the issue continues.

Ride on!

Same issue…zwift freezes at some point in the first few minutes, then every 30 minutes +/- 5 seconds. Very cyclical. Sometimes freezes for 1 second, sometimes for 5 seconds and I’m dropped from group. However, the app does continue working. I’ve sent 30+ emails with files and exact times of issue and support has really been disappointing. I’ve been waiting 3 weeks for a response after initial response. So frustrating in a race to get dropped after freezing, and it happens in groups, races, sole, erg mode, everything. I’m using Dell g3 gaming laptop less than year old. No issues until Jan 4 update. No idea what to do.