Game crashes [January 11 - 12 2024]

my game has crashed 3 times ( once 30 minutes into a ride) and 2 times about 1 to 2 minutes in…Zwift not responding. had to Ctrl/alt/delete end task. :frowning:

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Yeah same here! Kilometers and drops are lost

Several crashes in a row. Everythings gone afterwards. Needed to close the game via task manager

UPDATE: for the people reporting random crashes in the past 24 - 36 hours - we were seeing reports of those crashes in our telemetry.

We made an adjustment on our servers to reduce those incidents. Please try again, and let us know if those crashes have gone away?

Mine has been doing since yesterday afternoon. Most recently about 15;45 EST in the USA.
Have tried everything support suggested including uninstall/reinstall app.
Any other ideas?
Can I uninstall the last update? It worked fine before that.

I’m encountering them now. Haven’t used this PC since Friday the 12th, but now pretty regular crashes after 10-20 minutes. Zwift freezes then dumps back to the desktop after a period of time.

I was 40 mins into a 45 workout and zwift just froze on my laptop. Very frustrating.

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Same here, after 40 min to an hour and it crashes the pc!

My Zwift also crashed several times. Today 3 times. Windows 11

I updated to 1.57.1 (the roll-back update) after trying to get my Wahoo Kickr to work (I was still on the 1.57 update apparently today), but 20 minutes into the ride my Zwift just closed without warning, pc still running, everything still running, but Zwift was completely closed. It’s super frustrating…

Not sure if it’s related?

Windows 11 (up-to-date)
Zwift 1.57.1
Wahoo Kickr Core (up-to-date)

I’m having the same experience with Zwift if crashes randomly could be 2 minutes in or an 30 minutes seems random.

I have the same problem! Since 3 weeks, Zwift keeps freezing after some time, can be 10, 20 or 30 minutes. Nothing works, I have to force the app to close. Very frustrating since I am on a training program and need to register what I have done.
I am using a Macbook 2022 with Sonoma 14.2.1 and Zwift 1.1.11

Hello Shuji,

I hope you noticed that there are still a lot of issues with Zwift crashing during a ride. Any updates/news?



Problem still exists for me. After 5 minutes or even 40 minutes, Zwift freezes. The problem is on my new Win 11 PC. Zwift stands still but all other programs continue to work normally on the PC. I also deleted and reinstalled Zwift. Problem still exists.
Win 11 up-to-date
Zwift 1.57.1

Have you already tried disabling video screenshots in settings?


Not yet, I will try that. But how come it worked fine before and now suddenly not?



Good question. I experience zero crashes with Zwift on my 2021 MacBook Pro (video screenshots enabled) or on a PC with i3-4170 and Nvidia 1050 Ti (video screenshots not available on that hardware) but reports of video screenshots reliability issues are most common with PCs so I wouldn’t be surprised if it does nothing for your Mac. My comment was mostly directed at Tilo who has a new PC (video screenshots almost certainly enabled by default).

This is back again, yet again it is when the series login update boxes on the welcome screen change, this has been going on for months now, I logon for a warm up and race today, locked on the home screen with no series login boxes, so had to shut down and re-logon, then I managed to warn up for an event but another lock up with 1 minute to go no chance of getting back to the pen after shutting down and restarting. This is every time you either update or change the series login boxes your software crashes on windows 11 (never used to happen on windows 10) always for the first ride, never happens in running so can not be my system, can you please test your updates properly or not bother with them

Hey John -

I think what you’re seeing is a little different than discussed in this specific thread. I’ll reach out privately to see if we can get some more details that might be helpful for troubleshooting.

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