Anyone having lots of Zwift crashes lately?

Hi there,

I have been using Zwift for about 5 weeks and in the last 4-5 days it’s been crashing on me - probably 5 times (twice today) in those 4-5 days and not once prior to that. I am running it on an Apple TV and am using the latest release. In fact I am wondering if thats when it started - i.e. since the last release.

Two of the times it crashed when I was switching ERG on/off but it crashed mid-ride today when I wasn’t doing anything at all - but riding :slight_smile:

It basically just closes and goes back to the Apple TV main menu.

Is anyone else having a lot of crashes lately?



I haven’t used the AppleTV version in a few months since upgrading to a gaming PC. But when I did I always made sure to force close Zwift after each session. It’s been noted this is a good idea to prevent issues with Zwift.

To force close double click the TV button and swipe up on Zwift to close it out.


Firstly, thanks for the reply and the help :-).

Secondly, yep I did read that on a support/forum message yesterday and started doing that but unfortunately it crashed twice today still :frowning:

I’m hoping to find others are having the issue so can at least confirm it’s a bug, but if I’m the only one it will be tricky. I also wonder how many people are Apple TV users - I guess mostly it’s PC or iPad.

Anyway, thanks again for your help.



Another option is to delete Zwift from the AppleTV then reinstall it to see if that fixes the crashes you’ve been experiencing.

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Yep, thats a good idea. I’ll give that a go today and see if it helps. Thanks again :+1:

I am having the same problem. Thought it was just races but happens when riding too. Only started happening in last 10 days. Have reset and upgraded everything. Still happening. At my wits end.

Yep, I’ve had it about 6 times so far. Some times I’ve completely lost all the km’s that I had done too. I had one ride a few days ago where I’d been riding for 80 odd minutes and it crashed :frowning: - luckily it kept the info after I rejoined the game but I’ve had some where it hasn’t.

I think it’s about the last 10 days too, so surely related to the last update or possibly just the amount of people on it with all the lock-downs around the world. I don’t buy that though as it was fine for the 2 weeks prior :frowning:

I have had 2 rides since removing the app from the Apple TV (as Daniel suggested) and re-installed it so fingers crossed that helps but not overly confident just yet :slight_smile:

Good luck with it anyway :slight_smile:


I’ve tried upgrades, resets, not running companion app, direct connection rather than WiFi etc. Setup was fine for 2 years before this. I manage to salvage the Km’s if it reboots but get kicked out of events. So I’m going to switch to Mac mini setup until this is resolved. Screen resolution isn’t great with it but hopefully a reliable platform.

Not crashes on my iPad but after a while (maybe 30’) it becomes very choppy, it stutters really. It’s not my connection and the power readings from my Tacx Vortex seem ok so I’m a bit confused by what’s going on, anyone else notice that ?

Yeah I’ve been getting that today, like about 5 mins ago. On a positive note, no crashes today :crossed_fingers:

Good news on the lack of crashed on the Apple TV but you’re saying you also saw that choppiness/stuttering after a while ? After about 30’ too ?

Sorry, not sure if it was 30 mins in but I’d seen it about 5 mins before I wrote the message. Probably paused/froze (choppy) for about 10 seconds. That was the first time I’d seen that before

Ah ok, so it sounds like you only had it once ? In my case I had constant micro-freezes after about 30’ in two sessions yesterday. Really strange and I’d never noticed that before.

Same here - crashing this week mid game and also when changing worlds for races or meet ups.
I have tried re downloading app, and have made sure everything is up to date, but its still happening.

Yeah it’s pretty poor… I logged a ticket with them too but never heard anything back. I think I’ll go log another. Good luck all, thankfully I’ve been ok for the last 2 days but I don’t think it will last :crossed_fingers:

Take care. Cheers,


I won’t suggest logging more tickets, Zwift is already swamped with support questions with new users.

Hi @karen_Taylor_TeamSpo

Can you give us more detail, what system do you use, how you connect trainer ect.

Define “Crash”. It look like your last ride saved.

Thanks Gerrie, for me:-

Apple TV 4k
Wahoo Kickr Core trainer connected over bluetooth.

My crashes are basically riding along and then the app just closes and goes back to the Apple TV home screen. 2 of the times it happened I was turning ERG on/off so thought it might be related to that but I had it crash 2 days ago while I was just riding. I have had it crash and keep my current km’s but have also lost them previously. This started about 2 weeks ago for me and has happened probably 5 times but nothing for last 2 rides. Prior to the 2 weeks I was using zwift for probably 3 weeks without issue.

About to have a ride now so will update if any more crashes.

Has there been another update in the last 2 - 3 days? I will look at that as it has been fine. Cheers,


Interestingly Apple TV (Zwift) version is at 1.0.49315 at the moment. This seems to be an undocumented (can’t find anything on it) release number and is different to what I have on the PC - even though I just did an update there too. Maybe the version numbers don’t align between platforms but I’m pretty sure that is a new update in the last couple of days.

PC and ATV version is different. Do you open the zwift app using the launcher screen or did you make a shortcut to the homescreen from the app.

Sorry my Apple lingo is not that good. I saw some posts about that. Also do you restart your ATV before every ride?

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