Zwift starting crashing

A quick summary of my problems… Started about a year ago on a six year old laptop running Zwift on wifi. Generally no issues except whenever my avatar stopped it would always disconnect trainer (Tacx Vortex / ant+)

Used wife’s older iPad with comp app on Android occasionally. No problems

Then got a new work Surface 7, I5 processor, 16gb ram and it was running fine for a month. Then it started crashing every other ride for a week. Wifi for 3 weeks then started wired connection and the crashes started.

So I tried new Apple TV 4k box and it was fine for one ride but crashed twice today. Wired connection speed is 300 Mbps, wifi is 200 Mbps. My trainer doesn’t disconnect when avatar stops now (which is nice). Comp app is Android.

Apple TV crashes happened on large groups rides (today and stage 1 tour of new York). All devices, apps and trainer are up to date.

Any thoughts/ideas? I’m using a BT speaker for sound, will that cause Zwift to crash? Also using a Garmin HR connected through comp app.

Riding PRL full Sunday and don’t want any crashes :grimacing:

Zwift 1.0.60239
Apple tvOS 14.3 (I8K561)

When you say it “crashed”, what exactly do you mean? Zwift app shutdown and closed? Your avatar stopped moving? The Apple TV stopped working?

Even if your internet connection experienced drop outs, Zwift would continue to run. It wouldn’t shutdown.

Note: For the Windows devices and iPad, you can get the log file to send to Zwift support. But you can also use Zwiftalizer to see if anything obvious jumps out at you. Accessing the log files on an Apple TV is not possible as far as I know.

On the Surface, screen turned white then black and shut down. On apple tv, the program just shut down. On the laptop and surface, whenever I stopped pedaling and the avatar came to a stop, the trainer would disconnect. This wouldn’t cause a crash though, I’d just have to reconnect them .

Did the app disappear from the multitasking view (when you double-click the TV button on the ATV remote)?

I don’t think so. I’m going to go for a ride now

Apple TV, wifi, no hr, no BT speaker, no crash. 60km.

Do you force quit Zwift after each riding session? If not, you should because if you don’t, you’re likely to run into some issues. The same applies to the Companion app. After each ride, you should force quit both Zwift and the Zwift Companion app.

Yes I have been. It worked fine today

If the app didn’t disappear from the multitasking view on ATV then it didn’t crash, but somehow you got dumped back to another screen (you didn’t say which screen). Could something have accidentally pressed the remote?

I think one time it just froze and the other time it closed the program on Apple TV. I’ve had a lot of crashes the last week on two different devices. It’s hard to keep track of them all.

Zwift app crashes are extremely rare on Apple TV. It seems to be the most stable platform for Zwift, probably because of its appliance-like nature and the fact that there are only two hardware variations.

Two rides in a row, no crashes. Maybe the BT speaker was causing issues.

You seem to have tried a range of different devices (including completely different OSs) to run Zwift and are getting the same instability, and this covers a range of different versions of the app. The nature of the crashes also don’t sound like something the others see often (eg: avatar stops, crash occurs). The common element is your trainer, so I’m wondering if the trainer itself is sending unexpected signals. If you can reset the trainer I would try that.

Force-quitting apps shouldn’t be needed without an unrelated problem, in of itself, that isn’t the cause of your crashing, similarly, a bluetooth speaker seems highly unlikely to be the cause given the range of devices you’ve used. In troubleshooting hardware though it would be worth trying some runs without it.

Thx for info. I had always been unplugging my trainer for the past year. For some reason the last few weeks I had left it plugged in and then crashes started. I’ve been unplugging it last few days and no crashes. Maybe that’s the culprit.