Zwift crashes when joining an event (Apple TV 4k)

Hi everyone,
I changed recently - used to be on Zwift through my PC and now through Apple TV.
Everything works much better, smoother. Except, the app crashes every time I try to join an event. Screen freeze, and nothing… I have tried waiting up to 10 min, nothing happens.
Any idea what I should do?

I used ATV all the time and have never had this happen. Can you provide more information about your set up? What trainer? Are you pairing devices directly through the ATV, or using the Companion app? Are you on WiFi, or an ethernet connection? If WiFi, how far from the router is your ATV? Are you force-quitting the Zwift app after every use?

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Thanks Nigel. Clearly, I need to educate myself about this… you raise a lot of good points!
I pair devices directly into the Apple TV. I am on WIFI and indeed the router is kind of ‘far’ (through thick garage wall) from the trainer and Apple TV. I also thought this could explain the issue of the screen/app freeze… but then, why didn’t the PC do that? It was located at the exact same space as the apple TV box now. Are Apple TV boxes known for having a poor wifi signal reception? I use a tacx Neo2.
I am indeed force quitting the app every time as I haven’t figured out how to close the app cleanly once the ride is over and uploaded onto strava…
Thanks for any indications/advice!

Some things you might try (if you haven’t already):

  1. Change your WiFi router so that it broadcasts on a fixed channel, instead of searching for the ‘best’ channel’. Typically 1 or 11 are the best for this. Sometimes Zwift (or the ATV) will lose the WiFi connection for just long enough while the channel is changing to cause a disruption in the ride.

  2. Always sign up for the event in the Companion app, and then just join when you start up the ATV.

  3. Get and ethernet cable and run it to the ATV. (Clearly this may only work if you have an ethernet port in a place where the cable won’t present a hazard along its run length. I am set up in the basement and just recently added a cable. I won’t say Zwift works ‘better’ but it does seem more stable and has faster response time when starting up and saving.)

  4. I don’t know about the difference between the PC and ATV WiFi capabilities, but it’s certainly possible that your PC ‘catches’ the signal better than the ATV.