AppleTV freezes

Hi all,
Recently bought ATV and a new TV and 3/3 events have stopped/paused whilst riding.
Top LH corner, no day, HR, cadence, PWR.
I’ve deleted the Com App and reinstalled it as was advised to but wondered if any one else has had an issue.?
Maybe it’s a weakness with my WiFi but I switch to a mini iPad mid event and plays/runs the event without any issues.
Thanking you in advance.

How many devices are you trying to pair? Besides the ATV remote there are only two bluetooth connections available on the ATV. If you have more than two you are trying to pair you will need to use the Zwift Companion App to do the pairing.

You have defective Apple TV or some other issue. Zwift on Apple TV is about as bullet proof as it gets.

When everything stops, check the pairings screen. Are you pairing thru Apple TV directly or via the Companion App?

Also, manually make sure that the Apple TV OS and Zwift app are the latest and greatest.

Thank you Lin & David, all sorted!! :slight_smile: