Apple TV crash

I had my third mid ride crash during the Dirt Endurance ride. Last one was during Thursday’s TTT. Screen unexpectedly shuts down completely. I need to go back into Zwift and it prompts me to rejoin my previous ride. It puts me back in the same world but sadly, I am not been able to join the organized ride. The stats (distance, elevation etc) continue from where I left off. However when the ride is uploaded to Strava it only pulls through the data at the time of the crash. Is this a known issue and are there any suggestions on how to fix this.

Sounds like there might be an issue with your Apple TV and/or WiFi. Are you on the latest version of Zwift? And TVOS? Do you force-quit the app after each use? Definitely not normal behavior, but also doesn’t seem to be a widespread issue, so it seems like it might be on up your end.

Thanks for your comments Nigel. Affirmative to all the questions, All software up to date and I close zwift after each ride. Maybe I should delete and reinstall.

A delete/reinstall might help, too. Also, you say you ‘close’ Zwift after each ride. This is different than a force-quit (swipe up). Just want to be sure we’re on the same page, since these two things seem to have different effects.

I save my ride and then exit out of Zwift. Possibly not a complete shut down now that you mention it. Not sure how to swipe up on Apple TV

It might depend on the remote, but on mine (ATV 4K Gen 1) I double-click on the button that has a TV/display icon. This brings up a list of all apps that are running. I then use the touchpad to scroll through them and swipe up, also using the touchpad.

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Thanks for the advice, Nigel, I’ll check it out.I have also reinstalled Zwift. I’ll be doing Dust in the Wind in the World Indoor Cycling Champs tomorrow and this should be a good test on the system.