Crash on apple TV

I was doing a ride called “Turf N Surf” in Makuri islands. After about 1.5km the apple TV crashed. I started the ride again (Zwift did not offer me to resume). This time I managed to do a 1hr ride, 31km. Then I pressed the menu button and selected end ride. The apple tv crashed again. Devastating stuff. I went back to zwift and I did manage to resume the activity(although it had stolen 300m off of my activity). I also managed to save, or so I thought. It appears that my save is corrupted and was not uploaded to strava. I don’t know if Zwift staff reads these forums but if you do, you can see my corrupted activity ID here: 1497299164776661040

Zwift version 1.54.

Do you force-close Zwift after every time you do a session? I ask because ATV crashes are very rare.

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No I don’t, but I guess it was force closed after the first crash.

If you want Zwift staff to investigate I suggest contacting support. You’ll have to banter with a robot for a while but eventually it will let you open a support case.

Suggestions for what you can do to possibly avoid future crashes:

  1. Reboot the Apple TV
  2. Uninstall Zwift and reinstall it
  3. If all else fails do a factory reset of the Apple TV

That’s a good point. Do always force-close Zwift after each session, because it’s not designed to sit running in the background forever.

Which model of Apple TV do you have?

As Paul said, you should contact support. They will be able to access server logs which might help show them what happened.