Apple TV Crash Pacing Partner Survey

My ride crashed yesterday on Apple TV. I signed up for an event and warmed up joining a Zwift pacing partner then joined the event a few minutes before the start. At the end of the event after a cool down, I exited to save, a race recorded in ZwiftPower, and Zwift prompted a survey about the pacing partner. Then Zwift crashed and I lost the effort. I need it for Strava and Training Peaks plus the drops and such earned in Zwift. Please advise how to get my Zwift file to upload to those.

There was an update to address this a couple of days ago, are you sure you’re on the latest version?

You won’t be able to recover your ride, it’s not possible on Apple TV.

Yes, my ATV shows no updates available for Zwift. Not recovering the data is a shame.

I only just got the update today on my Apple TV. 1.0.55600 is the new version that is supposed to fix this crash.

Just have to ask—did you manually go into the app store / purchased / health and fitness / and access Zwift that way? Many people assume that apps will auto-update (sometimes they don’t, even if you have it set to auto-update), or they assume the app itself will announce an update is available…

I don’t know your experience with these things, so I want to try covering all bases. We uploaded the most recent patch for ATV the night before last.

Yes, I manually go into the ATV app listing and force a check since I never know when automatic updates will download.

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Related to this, does anyone know how to download my ride with mapping data since it was captured in ZwiftPower? All the metrics are there. Thanks!

Go to and click on the activity and then the gear. It will let you download the fit file to your computer.

The activity doesn’t exist in Zwift since it crashed.

I don’t believe there is another way on the AppleTV system to access your partial logs. On PC/Mac and iOS (IIRC) there is a way to get the partial log files.

I ride Zwift today and when I started it gave me a message like “it appears Zwift crashed last time do you want to save?” sort of thing. Maybe it salvaged something now?