Appletv still crashes while saving ride

Hi Zwift

Back again on the same topic: appletv still crashes while saving a ride specially with group event but also alone ride.

With or without pictures or snapshots upload, changing title or not, etc… the application is crashing again and again !!

If I want to escape the crash, I have to join a dummy event at the end of my ride. So the ride is normally and properly saved but this Sunday, this workaround didn’t work, the ride was present in Strava and Garmin but not exported in zwift !! But anyway when I leave the dummy event this doesn’t prevent the crash !

I uninstalled the app already, use companion app, etc… still crashing and me still paying a service !!

So it is urgent to fix a crash for a major feature : SAVE!! I’m bored and stressed by that, I never know when crashes occur ! Zwift a lottery indeed !

A disappointed and upset customer

  • Force quit the Zwift app after each Zwift session.
  • Force quit the Companion app after each Zwift session.
  • Manually double check that Zwift is updated.
  • Manually double check that your Apple TV OS is updated.

Not saying it can’t happen, but over 3yrs w/AppleTV, never seen a crash!


I made that already ! It is quite obvious to do, Apps are up to date ! And all was working fine before January 2021…

I cut the power the supply and don’t let it in idle mode for the night and during the day I always kill the zwift app due to the sound issue another one…

I would do a factory reset on the Apple TV and reinstall Zwift.

Already mentioned: I reinstalled the application…

And the appletv was updated in the meanwhile…

So ultimate suggestion will be to buy a new appletv… come on

Someone from zwift can take care of that??


Have you tried a factory reset of the Apple TV though? An OS update won’t do the same thing.

No and I’ll not do it

Uninstall an app removes all app’s data, so a factory reset will not change anything !

Apps are working in a sandbox…

The crash is only linked to the save feature when leaving the current session.

As with Lin_Alan, I’ve been using the ATV app for years without a single issue. This would seem to indicate the issue is somewhere on your end, as opposed to with Zwift. Is your ATV on WiFi, or hardwired? If on WiFi, have you tried setting your router to use a specific channel, as opposed to ‘best channel’? Are you quitting rides from the ATV app, or from the Companion app?

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I have the exact same issue as @Fabrice_RunningZap
Whenever I ride a group event like the Tour of Watopia or the ZRL-race events and I end the ride, Zwit on my Apple TV just crashes as soon as I click the save button.

When I then start the app again and log in, it notifies me I have an unfinished activity that I can resume. I can then end the ride (again) and click the save without any issue.

It seems to happen on group rides only.
I’ve removed the app, I’ve checked everything is up to date. Internet is wired and stable. And yes, I’ve been using Zwift on ATV for a few years now too, mostly without issues. But this crash on save has been bugging me for a few months now

Can you provide more details about your entire Zwift setup, and how you are ending and saving the activities? I have been using Zwift with ATV for over two years and have had exactly zero issues like this.

I’m doing exactly the same as I’ve been doing for the past two years.
When I want top end my ride, I click the menu button of the remote, select end ride and tap the top of the remote. And then I tap the top of the remote again to save the ride.
Nothing has changed on my setup and it’s a pretty simple setup. AppleTV 4K, wired internet, Tacx Neo and HRM on bluetooth.

Same here. AppleTV just crashes back to the home screen after a ride. Your ride data also never gets logged on Zwift Power.

The chat is broken, rides don’t save, late join is stuffed up… what complete and utter an embarrassment.

@Kirsten_De_Weerd_BZR @Nathan_M

Verify that your Apple TV OS is updated.

Everything is fully up to date.

Are you force-quitting the Zwift app and the Companion app after every ride? That seems to solve a number of issues.

No need to force quit when the app does it for you :slight_smile:

Remember that ‘force quit’ and ‘crash’ are very different. :grin:

Only in as much as one sucks, while the other provides a small amount of perverse joy.

Not sure how the companion app would cause a crash on AppleTV :face_with_monocle:

But yes, I’ve tried force closing. I’ve even gone as far as restarting the AppleTV prior to the ride.

Try factory resetting the Apple TV.