Lost ride - Apple TV

Since the latest update, if I am riding with a Pace Partner and then do go directly to an event, the pace partner ride is not saving to Zwift. Anyone else have this issue?

unless I specifically save my warm-up ride before going to the event, it is never saved by Zwift

This shouldn’t happen.

Are you both using AppleTV? @Briant_Kelly_BMTR I know you are, thanks :slight_smile:

Yes - on the Apple TV

Had something similar Wednesday night - 10min PP ride then into Race.

PP Ride shows in Companion app but failed to upload to Strava or TP.

yes, i use apple. It’s not a problem for me as most of my warm-up rides aren’t worth saving.

Same happen to me on AppleTV last night. The ride shows on my Zwift feed, if I select the ride page is blank, I had hoped to manually download the .fit file. Also it truncated the ride, appears to have stopped recording the ride about the 4:10 to go auto move to event mark.

Thanks all - I’ve raised this internally.

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Hey Briant,

I’m having the same problem using Apple TV. The rides don’t transfer to Strava. I also noticed they are shorter when posted to CA by 1.5ish miles and 6 mins.

There seems to be some issues with the new bots. I’ve down 2 rides with Miguel and the rides are approximately 1.5 miles and 6 minutes shorter than what I’ve actually ridden. They are also not transferring to Strava when I join a group ride without ending the ride.

Wondering if anyone else is having these issues?

It doesn’t help you, but all my Pace Partner rides have been the distance I actually rode.

@James_Zwift Thank you

Same exact thing for me. I was hoping to download my .fit file because it wasn’t uploaded to Strava and intervals.icu.

This was for an event on 9/8 and I’m an Apple TV user as well. My ride was also similarly truncated as described by Mike but I’m unsure about the amount. Six minutes seems about right though.

In my case, the ride looks cut short but I can’t get any details on the ride (map, etc) and it didn’t upload to strava/garmin. Is there a way to salvage the ride? Sucks to lose a 35mi ride.

If you have a Fit file on your ride (accessing the activity from zwift.com), you may be able to load it to Strava. It may also be broken, so a site like fitfiletools.com can sometimes fix that.

Thank you! Unfortunately I can’t seem to get the FIT file. I see it in my activity feed, however when I click on it to open the details (shows map, allows download, etc.) it’s just an empty page.

Without a fit file you wont be able to recover the ride. You can manually enter a ride in Strava (with elevation/distance), but realise it’s not quite the same.

Yeah was hoping zwift has a method to either get the FIT from ATV (the support page says contact them), or some other solution.

Hey i am having the same. Latest atv os update and latest zwift version. Like the others say when you try to open the activity on desktop zwift com you get an empty page. Would be really happy when i get my fit files :pray:

Will this issue be fixed?