Lost Ride File - Apple TV

(Andrew Smith) #1

I did a ride this evening using Apple TV. When Zwift loaded it gave a message saying my previous ride had not saved correctly. I didn’t think this was true as the ride was on Strava, but selected the save option anyway.

After today’s ride it appeared to save/ upload to Strava as normal, but the ride never appeared on Strava. On Zwift today’s ride and yesterday’s ride are listed and show the correct details for time/ distance etc. However, I get the same file (for yesterday’s ride) when I download either ride. I assume that the wrong file was uploaded to Strava and today’s ride file is lost.

This must be due to the message about yesterday’s ride not saving correctly. I think this happened because I turned off the Apple TV without leaving Zwift (ie after the ride had ended and been saved, but whilst the welcome screen was still visible). I normally exit Zwift completely before turning it off,

I assume there’s no way of retrieving the correct file.


(Vincent W.) #2

Right, on our end the activity saved (hence it showing up on Zwift) but the upload of your .fit file failed. Likely due to a network error. And yes you’re correct, try and make sure to close Zwift out completely first, or there’s a chance of your ride being overwritten. Unfortunately we cannot retrieve the file. :frowning:

(Andrew Smith) #3

Thanks for the reply.

Exactly the same thing has happened again today so that’s two lost rides in a row now, Can’t both be due to a network error surely?

I got the same message about the previous ride not saving at the start of the ride. I don’t think I clicked anything but it went straight for that to the ride - no screen to select a course or workout, At the end of the ride it all appeared to work as normal and the ride is shown on Zwift, but the file hasn’t gone to Strava and the download fetches the ride from the 28th - exactly like yesterday.



(Chris Goddard (Pack)) #4

Hi. I’m having the same issue with rides not showing on Strava :rage:. I’m also using Apple TV. Sundays Bambino Fondo shows on the companion app and I received an email congratulating me but nothing on Strava. Very annoying.

(Paul Allen) #5

If you find it here: https://my.zwift.com/ you can download it and upload it to Strava.

(Chris Goddard (Pack)) #6

Hi Paul. I’ll give it a go. Thanks.

(Chris Goddard (Pack)) #7

Hi Paul. I tried as you said. When I try to upload it to Strava it says that it’s a duplicated file from the same route I did a couple of days previous.

(Paul Allen) #8

Sounds like it actually uploaded the time you though it didn’t. If it origianlly didn’t upload all the data you might want to delete it from Strava and upload the new file you downloaded from my.zwift.com

(Andrew Smith) #9

This is exactly the same problem that I got.

The ride is listed on Zwift, and the correct summary information is shown (time, distance, name etc). Nothing is uploaded to Strava/ Garmin etc. Downloading the Zwift file retrieves the file for the previous ride, not the ride that is missing. You can tell it’s the file for the previous ride from the name, but if you do try and upload it to Strava then it will fail because it’s a duplicate.

Both times I’ve had this problem I got a message the start of the ride saying that the previous ride hadn’t saved correctly (although it really had saved and had been uploaded to Strava). I got this message again on my last ride, so I stopped the ride and re-started Zwift and this one saved/ uploaded properly.

On anything except Apple TV you can retrieve the ride file from the device, but this is impossible with Apple TV.


(Aaron Zwanzig) #10

I wonder if force stopping Zwift (double tap the tv icon and swipe up on the Zwift tile) or cutting power to the AppleTV unit after exiting would help eliminate duplicates?