Apple TV 4K, Zwift ride and log file access (there is none)

There needs to be a way to access ride and log files on Apple TV 4K. This could be done via some form of interface between Zwift with iCloud/Files where you have an option to auto or manually push these files to iCloud. For some reason my last Zwift training session didn’t get uploaded to mobile link or Strava. I opened a support ticket and was told there isn’t anyway to access Zwift files on the TV 4K box.

Same issue here, ride not uploaded, seems there were Zwift Server issues around time my ride ended:

So didnt get uploaded due to Zwift servers failing (again!). Better to fix the upload process, eg check previous rides have been uploaded when restarting Zwift, cant be that difficult to sync???

Or a way of transferring files to mobile link.

The auto sync/resyc with Strava is a good idea, the interface already exits. My ride also didn’t make it to moblelink  so a sync/resync will be needed for it…

Maybe Zwift should adopt a similar process to email, that has been working reliably for many years.


When you click ‘send’ on an email it goes to ‘outbox’, and stays there until it has been transferred, then the email moves to ‘sent’ folder. I don’t understand why Zwift is deleting the ride file if it hasn’t been successfully transferred. Gaining access to the FIT file to do a manual upload is just a clunky work around, better to resolve the sync/transfer issue.


This should be better.  No other mainstream training app will lose files due to poor connectivity.  They will either offer a manual resend or automatically do it.  zwift, you need to catch up.

I have an open ticket with Zwift as my ride was not saved last night due to Zwift maintenance activities. 

What if we lose wi-fi connection while riding?

We need a way to access the ride data on the Apple TV.


If wi-if goes out, you will lose your ride from uploading. Happened to me