Apple TV 4K. Rides not synced to Strava

Have done 6 no. 2 minutes short rides today to test some resistances on some Tacx turbo trainers I have repaired and not ONE ride has uploaded.

Have to say I am mightily unimpressed with the Apple TV 4K and its remote. Still do not feel I am used to it after over 2 months!

So obviously on the ATV there is no log file as there is on iOS on iPhone Zwift app.

Logged into Zwift website feed and they are not here either.

My last ride in any location shows as Sunday’s Stage 8 TdZ Long ride.

Is there a way to extract the files? Or get it to sync?

Is a server down?

The ride won’t save if it’s less than 2km in length.

Presumably this is a quirk of the Apple TV 4K then because I plenty of test rides last year that were as short as a minute.

How irritating. I often do very short test rides but must admit I have looked back through Strava and my shortest since having the 4K was 2.04km on 4th December.

Does it actually state this anywhere formallly?

Hi @RW_SCC Rhothgar

Thanks for sharing your concerns!

Steve is correct, and all rides need to be 2.0 km (1.6 mi.) or longer and runs must be at least 0.8 km (.5 mi) to upload. If you’re wanting a clear, public facing example, it says so in our related support article.

I also understand your concerns regarding the general functionality of the Apple TV remote, and I’d say they’re well documented here on the Forums. Feel free to search and you’ll find numerous examples and varying opinions about the Apple TV remote. Feature Request threads like this one are likely the most productive because you can upvote any you like, and popular requests may lead to Zwift design and functionality improvements down the road.

As for manually downloading your .fit file on Apple TV, if it doesn’t show up in your Zwift activity feed, then I’m sorry to say there’s no way to recover the .fit file. This is due to technical limitations because the tvOS doesn’t allow one access to the location where .fit files are stored locally on the device.

Hope that helps!


Zwift has always had the minimum distance setting so that Strava don’t get flooded with test rides.

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Thanks Steve and Steven.

Damned Apple! Drive me nuts.

Funny thing is iOS isn’t a problem. Like you say, tvOS is more locked down. Well the Apple TV is.

Probably did 200+ rides last year on iPhone mirrored to Apple TV 2nd Gen and no issues. All below 2km.

It’s a shame that this limit exists as a paying customer. No such limits on RGT and I have a free organisers account on there so I guess any testing I do will have to be on there from now on.

Was this limit introduced on a particular date and software update? Reason I ask is I am sure I started noticing rides not syncing at some point last year.

I think it was always there, See post above from May 2020

Edit: this topic is from 2018. Upload fails on short, very easy rides

January 2017


Thanks for the clarity.

Wish I’d never upgraded to the 4K now. I didn’t mind manually uploading short rides.

I don’t think this issue is specific to ATV; this is for all Zwift rides across all platforms.