Apple TV .fit file upload fail recovery

on the apple tv, and others if you want, mark the fit file as uploaded when upload is succesful.   On start of zwift check .fit files to verify they have been uploaded, upload if they have not been successfully uploaded.

Hi Kevin.


I dont exactly understand what you mean? I made a testride this afternoon via the apple tv, but the ride was not uploaded to strava. What do i need to do to enforce an upload. I cannot reach the .fit file manually right ?



Frank Noort


Frank,  I had the same issue last night and Zwift support informed me that on the Apple TV, one can’t access the fit files manually (at least for the 4K TV).  They claimed to be working with Apple to resolve this issue.  I lost the whole ride and it never showed up on Zwift, nor Strava.

Hi James

Ah damn… That is no fun!  I just did two testrides and mine were uploaded succesfully.

But tomorrow I am going to use my MacBook again for Zwifting, the pairing of devices like Cadence meter, HR meter is working a bit better via the direct BT or ANT+ connection from my Macbook.  

But I love the bigscreen so I am going to mirror my MacBook screen to the Apple TV.  So how that goes. 

Hope you will find a way to get the missing ride in the future. If it ain’t on Strava… 

Same issue here, ride not uploaded, seems there were Zwift Server issues around time my ride ended:

So didnt get uploaded due to Zwift servers failing (again!). Better to fix the upload process, eg check previous rides have been uploaded when restarting Zwift, cant be that difficult to sync???

Same here, two rides today, none of them uploaded. :frowning:

Same issue here , I tried to reload the file because it wouldn’t open correctly in garmin connect and i couldn’t find it. That ordinarily wouldn’t be a problem but i had already deleted the old file.