Apple TV not syncing to Strava

Hi, I’m using an ATV 4K with Zwift. When I save my ride on Zwift, the ride shows up on Strava with zero kilometres, zero time and zero distance. If I manually upload the fit file to Strava, the same thing occurs on Strava. Viewing the ride through Zwift activity history looks fine. I’ve tried deleting Zwift app on the Apple TV and reinstalling but same thing keeps occurring. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

same issue. Any solution?

not yet Ron. I sent an email to Zwift support.

Update: Zwift confirmed there is a known issue. Zwift is working on an update but has not been released.


Please follow this thread.

as linked in the post above there was a update released last night around 18.00 UTC so make sure you are on the latest version should fix the problem