Zwift on Apple TV 4K does not sync with Companion, Garmin and Strava after I save my ride


I recently bought an apple tv 4k and have been using it to run zwift a few times. While i am running the zwift on my apple tv, it sync perfectly well with my zwift companion on my iphone. However after i end my ride and save ride, it is not being recorded in my zwift companion activities, nothing on my garmin and strava too. Anyone has experienced this problem before and can advise how to resolve this?

Hi @Syafiq_Sharif

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I assume you can see the map on the companion app while riding?

How do you save your ride when you are done riding?

Check the iStore if you have a update to do, sometimes you need to force the app to update.

Also it is suggested to restart the ATV before every ride.

Only rides longer than 2km will save.

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