Apple TV not saving rides?

Just picked up Apple TV 4K as I wanted to try 4k. I’ve always used ant+ with no issue. Zwift will not save rides or Strava either. Everytime I log in the Wahoo jersey pops up like I’m a new account. All my information is there and correct(level 25). Not really sure what the issue could be at this point, and don’t know where log files would be on Apple TV. There can’t be log files anyway because Zwift doesn’t save??

Same problem. I raised a ticket and it’s a known problem they are working on. 

Thanks Steve, They had me reinstall the app, but no change. Still no saving of rides,and when I log off it still shows me riding in the mobile app. 

Same issue for my first appletv ride today…

any fix?

I had an issue where it wasn’t uploading rides to Strava.  I unlinked Strava, and then relinked (connected) and then it started uploading properly.

When you end a ride, save the ride, and then kill the app after you exit.  Do this by double clicking the home button, and then swiping up on the Zwift app (like you would do on an iphone).  This seems to help with the “I’m still riding” on the mobile app.

Can some kind soul explain how to actually join one of these events?  I know how to schedule it and I have “going” highlighted on the event, but I cannot figure out how to actually start riding with the others at the appointed time. 

Same with me, using Apple TV4K with wifi. Rides are not downloaded to Garmin Connect. Trying to import the fit-file from Zwift to Garmin Connect doesn’t work either due to corrupted file.

Previous rides done on my iPad are downloaded to Garmin and also able to import from fit-file.

As from today my rides are no longer saves in Zwift itself. This was after the apple tv app told me it needed to upload a previous ride. Is there any fix for this?

I seem to be having similar issues.  I did a ride on Apple TV, saved it and never saw the data appear in Strava or Garmin.  The .fit file is obviously not on my computer.  Is there any way to grab the file off of the Apple TV or see if it is even there?

Similar problems here, in that during and on completion of a run all run data is shown on the screen then I am given the option to save and send ride to Strava, but when I check my Strava nothing is there. so I checked my Zwift account and the run has been logged with a start time but no detail just 0 distance, 0 mins, 0 kms. 

Never had problems like this before with pc, this is the first time I have used Zwift with apple tv 4k. Not good so far, hopefully it’s just operator error as I am new to this Apple product.

I did not even register an activity in my log.  I think Zwift was having server issues during and after my ride.

same here - mostly doesn’t “save” on Zwift and when it does it’s zero’s - never had a problem with with windows PC! not the network - that’s fine while riding.

pls resolve ASAP!



Last Sunday and Last night (March 21, 2018) At the end of my ride it showed my data for the ride, I clicked save.  But 5 minutes later POOF the ride was gone and does not show up in my activities - But the start of the ride that I did in a group ride does show up on ZwiftPower.     I have had my appletv a few months and no issues before this and now its happened twice in 4 days.

Happens to me 2 days ago. I use macbook OS and my ride suddenly stop upload to Strava. Try everything I possibly could to resolve the issue but no luck. Zwift technical support was nice and helpful but unable to fix the issue and claiming it’s due to my internet latency which I have no idea as my internet is working smoothly without any interference and I wasn’t streaming any audio or video while Zwift is trying to upload my ride.

I really don’t know what’s going on but it seems so many riders having the same problem and why can’t they just look into the issue and fix the problem. I am thinking to switch to a different virtual reality training software anyone has any suggestion?

I note there has been no response from Zwift to these issues.  I have stopped using Apple TV, and mostly stopped using Zwift for VR training.  iPhone too small, moving computer is a PIA, Apple TV was ideal but not reliable.

Set up ATV4K yesterday and had experienced the same issue. None of my test rides appeared on Strava. Re-estabished the zwift-strava connection did not resolve the problem. Then I checked ZCA, the rides didn’t appear in the activity history either. I then deleted & reinstalled the Zwift App on ATV, then the rides started to get saved in Zwift Activities, and also synched to Strava.

Looking back, I did do a ATV software update after installing the Zwift app. So perhaps this was the root cause.