Apple TV upload issue - where did my ride go?

Help! I just finished ZA training session 4 and everything appeared to save as it usually does (via AppleTV), but my ride does not appear in my ‘Activities’ list on Companion App, not Strava, nor Toady’s Plan. Has the data been lost forever or is there a way of retrieving it somehow? Thanks

I’m sorry, there isn’t a way to get ride activity files out of an AppleTV. However, if you check your Dashboard at, the ride activity may be there. If it is, you can download that file and upload it to your Strava and other third party connections.

A ride not saving can often be caused by internet connection issues or a game crash. Please submit a support ticket so we can further troubleshoot. Also, we’d like to make sure you get credit for this ride in Zwift Academy.

We look forward to hearing back!


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Thanks. I have already submitted a support ticket. Support told me the ride appears on the Zwift servers, but isn’t showing up in my activity log etc. This is being looked into further.