Saving ride data (or access to ride file) Apple TV

(Tim Wellman) #1

Had issue for first time a few days ago where Apple TV lost wifi in Zwift. As a result ride data was not uploaded to Strava and completely lost. I think this was an Zwift Apple TV issue (Youtube worked) since mobile app still worked fine and restart of Apple TV fixed issue.

I know access to file system in Apple TV (and iOS generally) is tricky but can the clever people at Zwift find an alternative workaround to this so data is not lost?

Could the last ride data also be sent to the mobile app for example so it could be uploaded from there or a special storage area within the Apple TV app for resend later?

(Paul Allen) #2

Is your ride listed here:

(Tim Wellman) #3

Thanks for fast reply. No it is not listed on