Apple TV issue

Hi, any advice in this issue gratefully received
I rode this morning on watopia with one of the pace partners, immediately I had internet issues and intermittently I was losing all riders around me. After around 4 minutes it happened again and this time it stayed disconnected and I rode on for around 1 1/2 hours with just my avatar visible and only my data (I had all the KOM’s etc)
Right at last minute the internet came back on and I saved the ride as normal.
However it has only saved the first 10 minutes of the ride on both the companion app and Strava.

So my question is, is there anyway of retrieving the ride data that anyone knows of?
My setup is an Apple TV and my trainer is a wattbike (in case that helps)

Any advice on how/if the data can be retrieved would be gratefully received.

Not possible on an Apple TV I’m afraid.

More info here: How to Retrieve a Lost or Partial Ride File on Zwift | Zwift Insider

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Thanks, I feared as much but thought worth double checking.
Thanks for taking time to reply.

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Not sure if you already know this, but the other riders disappearing is a communication issue between your Apple TV and Zwift’s servers. Most likely a problem at your end, like dodgy wifi or your home router needing a reboot.

Thanks and yeah it is def an issue my end.
Bike is setup in garage and so I have to use a TP Link power line to get internet across, generally it has been ok (albeit takes the Wi-Fi from over 300 mbps to around 10), but this morning it was dropping in and out for some reason, even though the main Wi-Fi network was fine
I guess I thought the ride would still be saved and the data pulled across when the Apple TV was back on a working wifi network (which it is now), but instead it has cut off after 10 mins of the ride,

If it’s any consolation, Zwift have been working on a feature to help when there’s no connection at ride save time. It won’t help you this time of course, but will hopefully save a few frustrations for people in the future.

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If you’re using Powerline, can you connect the AppleTV via Ethernet?

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Yeah I guess I could, fair point
To be honest the solution has worked ok so far and this is the first major issue. I actually find the Apple TV more of the issue generally, despite being latest version and only a few months old the remote is already a nightmare and certain buttons don’t work reliably etc, anyway that is another discussion for another day!