Using a universal remote in place of the Apple TV remote

(D Qubit USMES) #1

Many of us use several devices together (Apple TV, sound bar, TV, DVD…). It’s very convenient to replace the apple remote with a universal remote to do all in one. The problem is that you’ve hard coded all screen movement in the Apple TV app to use touch-swipe movements (Up, Down, Left Right). This causes two problems:

1. This is a pretty fragile interface and usually causes several repeats to get a movement to occur (and then many times multiple ones happen).
2. If you use a universal remote... there is no way to program these movements and you're stuck still using the Apple remote.

Instead, I suggest you simple add the Up, Down, Left, Right “click” actions as duplicates to the finger swipes. This will fix both problems listed above. All other apps I’ve used on the Apple TV support this so it should be a pretty simple addition.


(Chris F) #2

This was such a disappointing discovery when I set up my Apple TV. Needs to be fixed ASAP.

(Mark Spiteri) #3

Awesome idea! This would fix my problems with AppleTV and Zwift too - my TV’s remote otherwise controls all other apps on the AppleTV without problems.