Using a universal remote in place of the Apple TV remote

Many of us use several devices together (Apple TV, sound bar, TV, DVD…). It’s very convenient to replace the apple remote with a universal remote to do all in one. The problem is that you’ve hard coded all screen movement in the Apple TV app to use touch-swipe movements (Up, Down, Left Right). This causes two problems:

1. This is a pretty fragile interface and usually causes several repeats to get a movement to occur (and then many times multiple ones happen).
2. If you use a universal remote... there is no way to program these movements and you're stuck still using the Apple remote.

Instead, I suggest you simple add the Up, Down, Left, Right “click” actions as duplicates to the finger swipes. This will fix both problems listed above. All other apps I’ve used on the Apple TV support this so it should be a pretty simple addition.


This was such a disappointing discovery when I set up my Apple TV. Needs to be fixed ASAP.


Awesome idea! This would fix my problems with AppleTV and Zwift too - my TV’s remote otherwise controls all other apps on the AppleTV without problems.

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I agree, just posted a very similar request. I hate the Apple TV remote… Zwift Dev team should be forced to use it all day long and see if they don’t go insane.


+1 on this.

The Apple swipe gestures do not work effectively in latest Zwift app. It would be much easier to use the old Apple remote with up/down/left/right - but you can’t as the app doesn’t respond (the Apple TV does).

Also, it’s not easy to see which part of the menu you are in. This is very frustrating.


This does indeed need fixing. Not just because the AppleTV remote is possibly the most hated bit of technology ever invented. But as said a lot of us use the likes of HDMI-CEC to have one remote do everything. Zwift isn’t sticking to the standards.

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Thanks for this feature request. Out of frustration with the terrible apple tv remote, I bought a GE 33709 universal remote. I’m disappointed that zwift doesn’t respond to the directional buttons. Hope this easy fix gets implemented soon!


Kevin, were you able to get the right/left up/down arrows to work on Zwift with Apple TV? I just bought the GE 33709 remote and set it up a few minutes ago. It does everything EXCEPT move around the screen using the arrow keys, which is the only thing I wanted it to do. Swiping that stupid touchpad on the Apple remote to end a ride can take me a couple of minutes sometimes :slight_smile:

Edit: Never mind, I see it didn’t work for you either. I hope they add this functionality, because that Apple TV remote is the biggest pos when it comes to Zwift.


I’m with you, David. The worst is navigating workout selection with the Apple TV remote. It is very hit and miss which makes it frustrating to use.


Workout selection was driving me crazy for a while, but I figured out that I can click to enter as it’s scrolling through the workouts. I’d say I select the one I want 99% of the time now.


Agree I bought a remote just for this issue and it doesn’t work. Mind numbingly frustrating. Please Zwift update your Apple TV app to allow u overall remote control


I would like to add my request for this feature too

Please add this, I tried to program two alternate remotes and it drove me crazy!

I don’t know what the hold up is to fix this remote issue. I don’t have the Apple 4k remote anymore and I can’t use Zwift! I don’t have an Apple phone to control it either. What a disappointment. For the amount of money they charge for Zwift you would think they could fix their app.

Please Zwift Devs,
Can you add support for the standard up, down, left, right remote keys. The OK/Select, and back/return buttons work just fine so this is something that you can clearly incorporate.
I’m new to Zwift and was very disappointed when I realised I had to use the dreadful Apple TV remote.
I’ve been using my tv remote which offers excellent control via HDMI-CEC such that I’ve not used the apple remote for months… until I installed Zwift.
Turning down the sensitivity of the apple remote does not compare to the accurate control of physical remote buttons.
This will be the single biggest improvement that is a low hanging fruit.
I also have an android phone and Apple doesn’t offer a remote control app for the Apple TV.

I’m running into the same issue. I got annoyed by the original remote and switched to a basic apple remote with buttons instead of the touch pad. It does not seem to work with zwift.

Any chance this suggestion can get some attention. Seems like a simple suggestion/fix.