Apple TV remote usage

It pairs fine, but i can’t do anything other than ride. When I go to the menu button, i can’t get to pairing, garage, etc. I even bought another remote and paired it up. The left and right arrows don’t do anything.

Any help on getting this working? Basically i can only click menu and OK

Are you talking about the newer ATV remote? If so, once you click the ‘Menu’ button you have to use the touchpad at the top to move around the screen, and click on the touchpad to select options.

Only the Siri remote works within Zwift on Apple TV, the one with the touchpad. The older silver remote won’t work, nor will any third party remote, keyboard or any other input device.

Yes, brand new, you cant navigate any in game menu buttons once you hit menu…only OK. You can’t go to garage, settings etc… The touchpad won’t allow you to move to the other icons on the screen.

Sounds like a defective remote, in that case. Maybe try rebooting your ATV and see if that corrects the issue. The touchpad should move around the options once you press the Menu button.

Works in every other app on the the device, including a few games

Doesn’t matter if it works with other apps. Only the black Siri remote works with Zwift.

I have that remote. I also tried another remote.

Ok, I figured it out. The app is really bad at reading swipes, their event handlers must be really bad. If you have the latest iOS on your phone, go to remote icon in the control center and you can control the AppleTV and Zwift from there. The controls are still flaky as ■■■■ (sometimes left goes up, etc…). After playing around with the iOS app i got the normal remote to register some swipes some of the time. I will just use the iOS app from now on.

I wouldn’t really call this a solution. The remote app is indeed better than using the remote, but it still blows. Zwift needs to address this. Zwift has been ported to Apple TV for some years now and this has been a problem from day one. The remote just doesn’t play well with Zwift.