Third Party Apple TV Remote

A friend who knows how much I hate using the Apple TV Remote with Zwift just forwarded this to me:

I figured for $30 I’ll give it a shot and see if it makes navigating Zwift custom workout selections any easier on the Apple TV. I just ordered it, I’ll keep you posted on what I find out once it arrives but in the meantime I’m excited that it exists and wanted to share.


I’d be interested if it works but i think you are going to be disappointed.

I bought the previous apple tv remote that also has buttons for which work on other apps but don’t have any functionality with zwift. Maybe the long awaited apple tv zwift UI update might fix that i hope.

Plus a new ATV supposedly being released soon. It reportedly has a new remote, hopefully better.

Is not going to work, apple TV Zwift app only work with touch “original siri remote” or iphone remote APP, generic remotes with physical buttons doesnt work…

Nothing works, don’t waste your time or money.