Apple TV - menu system and remote control

The Apple TV remote control is worthless when sweaty. And it doesn’t work very well even when dry. I found that some simple generic remotes will work with Apple TV (for example: GE Universal Remote Control for $10) It works great with all Apple TV apps and allows me to use the D-pad to move up/down/right/left…and not that poorly designed pad on the normal ATV remote control… except - it doesn’t work in the Zwift app (which is the main reason I bought it). I hate spending 5 minutes trying to pick my training course, because the remote has gone off on it’s own agenda… I want to use a simple D-pad remote to pick my training session and get some control back. Please allow other types of remotes to work the menus of the Zwift app, and give me back all the time I waste trying to use a pretty remote that doesn’t work. It seems everyone at Apple have forgotten the engineering motto… “Form follows function”. The Zwift app should work with other remotes - if Apple TV supports it. Anyone Agree?

totally agree

Agree completely, even a dpad type remote built into the Companion App would be useful. Navigating with the ATV remote is a bit hit and miss. It’s only a matter of time before I inadvertently select discard instead of save.

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I don’t know if this can help but i use the remote app on iPhone and switch from the zwift companion when needed (both can be open on the iPhone) to control the Apple TV

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