New Apple TV remote

Please update Zwift ATV so new navigation buttons work. Finally we’ll be able to select menu picks without all the jumping past selections!

Agree. I can’t imagine it’s that hard to do and it would make a huge difference navigating the menus.


Would be good if this would make the arrow keys on other IR remotes work as well.


any news from Zwift on when the program might get an update to work with the buttons on the new Apple remote? It will be so nice when navigation just works easily via ATV… that will make this the best platform for Zwifting by far!!!


+1 for new remote update please.

I moved from a MacBook to 2021 ATV and, wow, it’s hard to work the UI. The click wheel would be a great start.

Other platforms have been able to add this rather quickly.


The use of the click wheel on Apple TV 2021 should be prioritized as the scrolling through custom workouts & adjusting FTP, is truly awful without it. I used to work for Apple and this user experience is so bad I no longer use my ATV for Zwift and have reverted to using my Mac. When the hardest part of the session is accessing the workout you want, there’s something very wrong with the UX.


Dear Zwift,
Could you please implement the use of Apple TV’s new remote direction buttons, so it will get easier to use the remote in Zwift. The ones around the round touch area.


Nothing has been done about this.

Yes it has, support for the newer remote was added over three months ago.

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I would buy this in June, but it is now January 2022 and there has been no fix. Zwift has dropped the ball here big time.

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Do you know if “second level menu” support was added? The problem I saw reported with the new remote is that navigation buttons do not work for next level selection, such as scrolling up/down to select a ride from a list, or select a garage item. I tried the new remote about 2 months ago (Nov 21 I think) and had to revert to the old remote because there were certain functions that just didn’t work. So, I’m hopeful that Zwift will eventually offer full functionality… but don;t want to buy for my two bike setups at $60 each until I know they will work. At that point Zwift ATV platofrm will be awesome!

No idea, sorry. I saw the same reports at the time about the secondary menus but I don’t use Apple TV.

I’ve got one of the new remotes arriving tomorrow, so I’ll be trying that with my Apple TV.


Keep us posted. I tried a “ knockoff” new remote but couldn’t use it on second level menus. So I’ll be interested to hear if you have full functionality with the Apple made remote!

+1 for new remote update please.

Unfortunately it wasn’t.

I tried with the new remote (Siri mk 2). While the directional buttons do work to select menu items, they don’t work at the “second level”, so you can’t select routes, workouts or bikes.

So that’s pretty sad all round.

Yup. It sure would be nice to use a click wheel in the sub-menus, especially when selecting a workout.

Let’s keep lobbying Zwift to fix the software to work with new remote. Or any remote, so ATV really functions fully!

Zwift’s support in this area is pitiful.

I do wonder if they are going to change the ATV interface rather than adding further remote support.

After a few years using an iPad, I have just this month started using an Apple TV with Zwift, with the Siri Remote. I’ve never used an ATV before, for anything.
Fair enough, the click-wheel/directional buttons don’t work at the second level of menu selection, but you have to learn to use the touch/swipe gesture of the central portion of the button for that. Sure, it’s not super intuitive to begin with, but you learn, just like we learned how to use touch screens on smartphones in the early years. That’s the way Apple’s interface is designed, so I understand the Zwift developers integrating that aspect into the Zwift Apple TV interface.
Just to test, I have switched on my set-up, opened workouts and just selected one of the workouts within a suite of workouts, and loaded the chosen workout, without any issues. It does work. :man_shrugging:

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