New Apple TV remote

Please update Zwift ATV so new navigation buttons work. Finally we’ll be able to select menu picks without all the jumping past selections!

Agree. I can’t imagine it’s that hard to do and it would make a huge difference navigating the menus.


Would be good if this would make the arrow keys on other IR remotes work as well.


any news from Zwift on when the program might get an update to work with the buttons on the new Apple remote? It will be so nice when navigation just works easily via ATV… that will make this the best platform for Zwifting by far!!!


+1 for new remote update please.

I moved from a MacBook to 2021 ATV and, wow, it’s hard to work the UI. The click wheel would be a great start.

Other platforms have been able to add this rather quickly.


The use of the click wheel on Apple TV 2021 should be prioritized as the scrolling through custom workouts & adjusting FTP, is truly awful without it. I used to work for Apple and this user experience is so bad I no longer use my ATV for Zwift and have reverted to using my Mac. When the hardest part of the session is accessing the workout you want, there’s something very wrong with the UX.


Dear Zwift,
Could you please implement the use of Apple TV’s new remote direction buttons, so it will get easier to use the remote in Zwift. The ones around the round touch area.

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