Apple TV Remote - Turning away users

So this was interesting this past week.

I was trying to get my wife on Zwift and use the built in training plans etc - thinking this would be a super easy and fun way for her to get on to Zwift.

I’m used to the remote and how fundamentally rubbish it is in Zwift (and only Zwift…I might add) so live with it - but what I wasn’t expecting was the complete failure and frustration by my wife - a first time user to navigate Zwift with the remote. I could see she is was so struggling with it not navigating.

Training should be a fun / enjoyable experience (according to Zwift) but she got so fed up and angry not being able to navigate the training plan / workout screens - she got off the bike, and told me not to pay the subscription and would try something else.

I think Zwift need to revisit the ATV4k interface and the use of the remote functionality - especially for first time ATV / Zwift users. I’ll add she happily uses the other ATV for Apple+ etc so she isn’t stupid.

So now we are paying another platform for a subscription, with which there are not remote issues…

IIRC, ATV is not officially supported

You don’t appear to RC, I’m afraid.

FWIW, I’ve used a PC, iPad, and now AppleTV for Zwift.

The Gen2 Siri Remote is somewhat better than gen 1 but, yes, anyone who’s used it to navigate the Zwift UI (if they’re being honest) has to admit it’s trash compared to how it works with the rest of the AppleTV. There’s speculation this is because Zwift was designed for a touch-interface and was ported over to ATV.

The mitigating factor for me: I ONLY need it to get riding. After that, I’m using the Companion App on a smartphone:

I started with a Tacx tablet tray (because I was using an iPad), but have since gone with the TrainerTray.

The reason I stick to it is speed. It launches in about 10 seconds and “just works” - I don’t think Zwift on ATV has crashed on me in, well, ever, maybe.

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I’m a long time Zwifter from MacOS, Windows and now solely using the ATV4K, and like you I’m used to it / use companion app once I get going.

I agree the ATV4K solution is the best one and should be the #1 priority for Zwift to get right, as it never crashes for me either, is fast to start and the graphics are good enough (good enough I stopped using my i7/ 1650GTI laptop) plus it’s the cheapest gateway into Zwift.

My post was highlighting the initial experience for someone brand new to Zwift / ATV4K and how I saw my wife go from looking forward to getting going with it, to almost throwing the remote at the TV and deciding it wasn’t worth the hassle / subscription.


Edit: can’t be arsed.

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zwift companion should be able to replace all atv remote control … hopefully it will in the future

Going to have to disagree with you on that point.

Yes, Zwift seems to be among the worst offenders, but I’ve had issues with the Siri remote (both versions) on several other apps, most commonly with trying to scroll thru video streams. Quite often, it will be intermittently unresponsive (work for a bit, then stop, then work again) or jump massively when I lift my finger.

The best part about Zwift on the ATV is that you only have to use the remote briefly - when setting up your ride and when saving it. During the ride itself, I almost never touch it.