Apple TV 4k remote is freezing

Bought the new Apple TV 4k today. Set it up on Zwift and the new remote struggles. The remote won’t let you move to select anything. It keeps freezing. Rebooted the Apple TV and still same problem. Anyone else have this same problem?

Zwift probably need to reprogram the game for the new remote.


Great thanks. Hope it gets done quickly as it’s useless otherwise

Do you have an iPhone? Use the app on that, should work.

That and the Siri remote (OG) is the only way to control Zwift, it probably doesn’t recognise the new one yet.

Hi Dave. No I don’t unfortunately. I’m using Android

Out of luck then, you’ll need to wait until Zwift account for the new remote. Sourcing an old one and pairing it to the new ATV would probably work in the meantime, if that’s even possible. I can’t imagine many people around the world are doing it that in that direction!

@shooj Please could you comment on Zwift support for the new Apple TV 4K and its new remote?

@Wayne_Reyneke @Steve_Hammatt

What you’re seeing might be a variant of this crash that’s happening primarily on Macs running OS 10.x

There are a few Apple TV users weighing in on that thread. The fix we’re testing should alleviate this problem for OSX users, and might also resolve for ATV users.

EDIT: Wayne - looked at your logs from our server end, and noticed you were able to log in with your Apple TV running the latest version of Zwift, then log out. This doesn’t indicate an app crash, so the above thread probably doesn’t apply to you.

Does anyone in the household use an iPhone you can borrow for 10 minutes?

If the the Apple TV remote app for iPhone works - it’s probably a hardware issue with the remote (or maybe check battery orientation?)

So Zwift have tested out the new button-based remote that comes with the May 2021 Apple TV 4K and it works fine with Zwift?

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My quick take on the new ATV4K 2021 with new remote:

  • The new remote is super responsive in the ATV native menus.
  • No support for the new click navigation within the Zwift tvOS app. Touchpad navigation works… with a TON of lag. Same as previous ATV4K and Zwift.
  • Two Bluetooth device limit still exists. Unknown if this the ATV4K 2021 hardware or the Zwift build (likely both?)
  • Still BASIC graphic profile in use… still testing with different outputs here though.
  • As it stands right now I see no reason to upgrade to the new ATV4K 2021 OR the new remote.
  • I hope ZHQ get a hold of one and make some tweaks to the remote support and BLE (if possible).

This sucks! I get the same here @Shane_Miller_GPLama with my new Apple TV too.

I was expecting the remote to solve all my Zwift issues but it’s just totally broken! Hopefully it won’t take long to fix this!

Not sure I was expecting any more on the graphics but was secretly hoping the bluetooth limit has been fixed (by Apple) and then the limit lifted by the Zwift code!


What a shame :frowning: I was looking forward to upgrading the remote too.

With the lack of support on the old remote and the up / down buttons (they could of assigned them to something…) I wonder if we will get support for the direction pad buttons on the new remote.

This is such a joke.
Apple releases a new ATV, and the remote doesnt work with Zwift.
Good job Zwift, repulsive …

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They’ll sort the remote out in no time. Don’t expect the graphics to improve though.

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Hi Steve. Well I got the new Apple TV yesterday and it doesn’t work properly on zwift. It freezes and when it does work then there’s loads of lag. Not the easiest to work. I’ll try it out again this weekend but not getting my hopes up. Yesterday I had to keep shutting the Apple TV down by the mains. Starting to think it was a waist of money. But then today I turned the laptop on. It did a update and then wouldn’t go into zwift. After shutting the app down a few times then it worked. Bloody useless zwift has become with all these updates. Just creating more problems than anything else.

Hi Dave. Graphics are really poor compared to windows. One would expect as apple is such a big company and been round for years that this would’ve been great to use. Really disappointed in apple

Don’t waste your money just yet on the new remote

It is a phone/tablet processor and GPU though, it can’t compete with a decent Windows PC.

Hopefully once Zwift has had time to test a bit with the new Apple TV, they can squeeze a bit more out of it; but from what I read the processor in the new ATV4K is barely better than the one in the previous model.

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It was a struggle logging out. Was not easy at all. What’s the point of having a remote then if you can’t use it and have to use other devices. Pretty shocking. It’s supposed to be made easier not more difficult

Setting aside the issues with the new remote, that doesn’t sound right. Shane Miller (aka GPLama) didn’t find any issues (apart from the remote) when he tested the new ATV, as he posted above, and the ATV should work just as the previous model does. Maybe it’s a bad unit?