Apple TV 4k remote is freezing

The remote works fine on the other apps in Apple TV. Just on Zwift it has the issue. So nothing wrong with the remote

I missed this somehow and created my own topic. I’ll go ahead and try to delete that. I’m having the same problems as everyone else here. New Apple TV remote not working.

Is it possible to use the old AFT 4k remote with the new 4K 2021 model? I randomly have one of the old remotes and I was thinking of using that until the new one is fully supported

Should be able to pair it yeah, can’t see why not.

Any idea how to do it? I’ve just had a look but I can’t figure it out.

You’ll want the 1st generation I assume.

It’s bloody annoying. All this hype about nothing. Was watching Shane on YouTube and he was also getting frustrated with the new remote. Gutted I went and purchased it yesterday. Just hope Zwift gets it sorted out quick. I also was under the impression that the Bluetooth connections would be increased from just 2. Graphics is also rubbish. I don’t own a apple phone so that won’t even be an option for me to use until the remote gets sorted out.

It’s not just a phone processor. It’s a 3 year old phone processor.


Thank you. That worked perfectly.

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Hi shooj
Would I be able to use the companion app on an android phone with the Apple TV?

Yeah that combination works fine, you don’t need an iPhone.

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Thanks Dave. Much appreciated for the answer. Will give it a try later

Have the same issue here, connected Apple remove via my phone even paired an older Apple remote and is still occurring. I can pause my ride but then can’t move between the ‘back’ and ‘end ride’ options. Is there anything else I can try or will I have to use Zwift another way?

Ahhhhhh so frustrating, I too have just bought the new apple 4k TV, just to use with Zwift and the remote will nit work at all, meaning I simply cannot use zwift. I can’t even use the compaion app as I cannot select this on the home screen with the remote. Remote works fine with the rest of Apple TV.

Zwift please help me???

Seriously is this still not fixed? I have previous gen 4k Apple TV but had to get a new remote due to breakage and find the new control does not work (only) with Zwift!?

Still not fixed. Basically the new Apple TV 4K 2021 remote is completely unusable with Zwift. I’m returning the ATV because who knows how long until Zwift address this.

Having the exact same issue. Remote is fine until in the Zwift app- unable to move around and select options. Un installed and reinstalled Zwift 3x, no luck. Any other options here?

If you have an iPhone, you can use that to control it instead.

@Zwift - purchased the new ATV remote in the hope that the crappy track pad on the old remote wouldn’t be needed anymore with the ‘buttons’ on the new one given how much of a nightmare Zwift is to navigate using it. Be great if you could get those buttons programmed…