Glitchy apple TV and apple app

Fellow zwifters, i am new to the platform and trying to leverage apple TV. I am on the latest versions of all the bits. The remote for apple tv is almost impossible to use rendering the apple tv app unusable. The remote works perfectly at all other times. What am I missing? Thanks in advance for your input.

The remote is badly implemented in the Zwift app, I’m afraid. Try setting the remote sensitivity to low in the ATV settings, and just be gentle with the swiping movements on the remote and you should get used to it.

Yes, it’s badly integrated. But it’s not unusable.

Same here Paul,

I just got the ATV this week, thinking it would ease my use of Zwift as I’ve gone from using an iPad in front of me to a ATV and big screen - but its a mess to use it with the remote.
swipe left - it goes up, try and scroll the workout listing - impossible.
Even using the iOS remote app its crap.

The main issue, is that they have just ported the iOS app to tvOS without no thought on how to use it. Saying that apple really could of kept with simple 4 way direction pad

At this point I might as well go back to plugging in my laptop and getting a small wireless keyboard / trackpad thing.

So many niggles and hinderances with Zwift at the moment…

Thanks Steve, I really like the way the remote works for everything else so wouldn’t want to impact that negatively.

Yep kinda spoils the experience. I hope that they get there with it. Thanks for responding. I thought it was just me