Apple TV 4k remote issues

I noticed that the remote barely works when running Zwift - I do not experience this issue in any other applications so I know it is specific to Zwift. Because of this, I am unable to choose my workouts. I am stuck either just free riding or re-running my FTP since that is the only workout I can choose due to the remote/cursor issues. Does anyone else have this issue? Has anyone found a way to overcome this?

I’ll second this - using the remote seems glitchy in Zwift ATV4K in re: the things you mention - scrolling doesn’t really happen. I use the remote app on my iPhone which helps a little, but it still doesn’t seem very responsive. Thanks for raising this issue as I’ve noticed it for a while.


I’m guessing on every other app the Apple TV remote is very responsive?

Yep - works as expected on other apps. Very responsive. Thanks

Same here, but I own the Apple TV 4th Gen (Not 4k).
Very difficult to select workouts, frequently I’ve selected a workout that I’m not seeing on the list, and I sometimes modify my ftp by touching the slider by mistake.

Remote works well on other apps.


Same issue. Bit Russian roulette on what happens next when you move the cursor! :see_no_evil:


Same issue here, I can usually expand the first group of workouts and navigate the first few, but then as I go further down it doesn’t scroll alongside, so it’s impossible to see what is selected.

I agree the apple tv remote is glitchy…in general i find it hard to scroll and use though…so i just downloaded an apple tv app for my mobile and use that instead…works much better than the apple tv remote and comes with the bonus of a keyboard when you need to type.

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Ditto for me too. Appletv 4k and remote in zwift is like trying to spread hot chocolate on toast!


Yes, I have no issues outside of the Zwift app.


Same. Terrible control on Apple TV 4k, bordering on unusable. Runs fine on everything else.


We’re investigating! Will update this thread when new information is available.

I think the same problem.

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@Greying_Cyclist @Joseph_Paterson @John_Cahill_TT1D_C @M_Yas

Are you all on Apple TV or Apple TV 4k?

Yes, I am on the latest (5th gen) Apple 4K TV.

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AppleTV 4K here

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Yes. 4K.

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Yes, AppleTV 4k.

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Apple TV 4K

Yes, i am on Apple TV 4k