Apple TV 4k remote issues

(Bart Roberts) #1

I noticed that the remote barely works when running Zwift - I do not experience this issue in any other applications so I know it is specific to Zwift. Because of this, I am unable to choose my workouts. I am stuck either just free riding or re-running my FTP since that is the only workout I can choose due to the remote/cursor issues. Does anyone else have this issue? Has anyone found a way to overcome this?

(Double A) #2

I’ll second this - using the remote seems glitchy in Zwift ATV4K in re: the things you mention - scrolling doesn’t really happen. I use the remote app on my iPhone which helps a little, but it still doesn’t seem very responsive. Thanks for raising this issue as I’ve noticed it for a while.

(Vincent W.) #3

I’m guessing on every other app the Apple TV remote is very responsive?

(Double A) #4

Yep - works as expected on other apps. Very responsive. Thanks

(Clau Saez) #5

Same here, but I own the Apple TV 4th Gen (Not 4k).
Very difficult to select workouts, frequently I’ve selected a workout that I’m not seeing on the list, and I sometimes modify my ftp by touching the slider by mistake.

Remote works well on other apps.

(🚴🏼‍♂️ Greying Cyclist) #6

Same issue. Bit Russian roulette on what happens next when you move the cursor! :see_no_evil:

(Joseph Paterson) #7

Same issue here, I can usually expand the first group of workouts and navigate the first few, but then as I go further down it doesn’t scroll alongside, so it’s impossible to see what is selected.

(John Cahill Tt1 D (C)) #8

I agree the apple tv remote is glitchy…in general i find it hard to scroll and use though…so i just downloaded an apple tv app for my mobile and use that instead…works much better than the apple tv remote and comes with the bonus of a keyboard when you need to type.

(Clive King) #9

Ditto for me too. Appletv 4k and remote in zwift is like trying to spread hot chocolate on toast!

(Bart Roberts) #10

Yes, I have no issues outside of the Zwift app.

(Adam Healy) #11

Same. Terrible control on Apple TV 4k, bordering on unusable. Runs fine on everything else.

(Vincent W.) #12

We’re investigating! Will update this thread when new information is available.

(M Yas (URC)) #13

I think the same problem.

(Vincent W.) #14

@Greying_Cyclist @Joseph_Paterson @John_Cahill_TT1D_C @M_Yas

Are you all on Apple TV or Apple TV 4k?

(Bart Roberts) #15

Yes, I am on the latest (5th gen) Apple 4K TV.

(Joseph Paterson) #16

AppleTV 4K here

(🚴🏼‍♂️ Greying Cyclist) #17

Yes. 4K.

(M Yas (URC)) #18

Yes, AppleTV 4k.

(John Cahill Tt1 D (C)) #19

Apple TV 4K

(Wolfgang Langoff) #20

Yes, i am on Apple TV 4k