AppleTV and Workout Selection Trouble

It could just be the annoying as heck touchscreen remote that Apple has introduced, but I have a heck of a time trying to navigate the workout selection menu in Zwift.  It usually takes 3-4 tries of click, scroll, and then back before I am able to get Zwift to correctly select the workout that I want to ride.  ( If it matters, I’m linked with Training Peaks and importing workouts from there ).

I will click on the workout, select it, and then on the next screen Zwift is back to showing “Just Ride” and I have to go back and start it over again.

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I’m having exactly the same problem. I’m assuming there is an obvious way of selecting workout first time but I can’t see it at the moment!


I have the same issues with the apple remote, so much so that I usually just use the apple tv control built into my iphone or ipad control panel where its easier to swipe down to start workout.

Ditto. I used to be able to select workouts more easily earlier in the year so I suspect a recent update rendered the apple remote useless to choose workouts

I figured it out.

Click and scroll down on the remote “trackpad” without lifting your finger to scroll through the workout options. If you lift your finger you lose the ability to scroll through the items.