Choosing workout on Apple TV is a problem.

It is very difficult to choose a workout on the Apple TV. You have to move focus onto the workout several times before you can actually choose it.


Yeah, it’s a real pain in the bottom sometimes. I find it an exercise in frustration too. 

There’s an element of luck in it; Some days it’ll go no bother and others it gets me close to pulling out what little hair I still have. 

That written, I’d blame Apple’s cr***y remote control almost entirely. 

While I have to admit that there’s definitely some dexterity and luck required with the remote, we are looking at ways to mitigate this and make it a better experience for sure.

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Eric, now that workouts can be seen in Zwift Companion, why no make it possible to choose workout, route etc. in the Companion as well. That would solve this annoying issue.

Waiting for solution here as well.