Cannot select workout on Apple TV

After the new update I am unable to select any workout using Apple TV. The workout tab is not selectable. Earlier one could swipe down to the workout tab but now all it does is go to the screen where the training graph is and allows you to change the FTP, but there is no way to select workout and hence no way to do a workout on Apple TV

I just tested this on my Apple TV. It worked fine. You might want to go into the App store and manually double check and/or update your Zwift app.

I show version 1.0.35413 - 4/26/2019

You might also check your tvOS is updated as well. 12.2.1

After I saw your post I figured out how to do it. The only way to do it now is to select the workout then close the tab on top and scroll down all the way till the workout tab. If you don’t close the tab that has all the specific workouts in it, it will select the last workout on the list (which may not necessarily be the one you want). Its still a bit weird to get to what u want…wish there was an easier way