Apple TV Navigate Workout Menu

Using the Apple TV remote, I am unable to navigate thru the list of workouts to get to my Training Peaks workout. The only selection I can make is the very first workout in the list under custom workouts. I’ve tried every possible combinations of buttons and swiping gestures on the Apple TV remote. How the heck can I scroll down the list of workouts using the Apple TV remote?

Try using it like a trackpad on a laptop, not swiping.

Thanks, that’s what I meant when I wrote swiping, ie using it like a trackpad. I just can’t get into the workout list.

Ah, can’t help you then I’m afraid. I suspect a lot of people swipe on the remote like it’s a phone, whereas I always found it more effective to keep my thumb on in contact. That’s the only reason I suggested it.

If you swipe left it will take you to the top of the currently open/expanded selection group (e.g., Custom Workouts) Once you’re at the top of the group, click/select and it will close the group. Now you can scroll down to the group you want. Click/select again to open it. Etc…

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Lin, thank you, your suggestion sounds promising. Will try again when I get home!

SOLVED! Lin, your solution was spot on! Thank you!


Dave, thank you for taking the time to reply! Ride on!

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