Can't scroll left while reviewing workouts in training plans - atv4k

Using Apple TV 4k. I went to start a new training plan this morning. While reviewing the workouts in each plan I found that I could scroll to the right to see each workout in each plan, but if if I wanted to go back to the left to take a second look at an earlier workout, it wouldn’t scroll. And not only would it not scroll left, i had to swipe left many many times before it would finally return to the first workout. In fact, if I was currently reviewing the 7th workout in the plan, i had to swipe left 7 times before it would it would move, and it took me all the way back to first workout. If i was on the 10th workout, it took 10 swipes, no movement until the 10th swipe and then it went all the way back to the beginning.

Hey Aaron, thank you for contacting us about this! We’re reviewing Apple TV 4k remote issues here: Apple TV 4k remote issues

Hoping to get more updates soon, thank you for the heads up!

Edit: @Aaron_Zwanzig can you also check to see if your voiceover is enabled on Apple TV and if so, try disabling it?

That was the problem. It works perfectly fine now.

Thank you,

Voice over hasn’t been enabled.

The update on 1/25/2019 fixed this. Thanks!