AppleTV scroll

For example in pace partner screen on ATV. How do you scroll? Pretty much any scroll doesn’t seem to work well.

Also can’t seem to discard ride on save ride screen, won’t select icon.

Which remote do you have?

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Pace partners:

  • quick touch swipe down will move you to the next one below. Anquetil->Brevet etc… (your thumb comes up after the swipe)

  • to scroll down which is important once you’ve gone past Dorothy Duster, put your thumb at the top of the touch pad area and slide it down to the bottom. This works for scrolling up as well. Then quick swipe to move up/down for selection.

Trash/Discard ride:

I noticed this too with the latest update. This is a new bug with the AppleTV. You can no longer swipe right from Save → trash can. Go up to the public/private lock, then swipe down to the right which will put you on the trash can.

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Thank you both. I’ll try the swipe again. I have the touch sensitive remote (black on top). The remote is pretty terrible even outside of zwift, but in zwift I haven’t figured out how to do things like reliably change colors on bike/etc. … anything that requires scrolling. I’ll give this a shot and report back.

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Just keep trying to scroll that screen by swiping. It’s very much hit and miss.

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“it’s very much hit and miss” is being kind, the thing is a complete pain in the ***


Same PIA for me. I find the Apple Remote impossibly hopeless for selecting a workout from the training plan menus. The only work around I have found is to load Zwift on my PC, select the workout from the training plan, then jump back onto my Apple TV Zwift, where my training plan and workout just selected on my PC are dutifully waiting by default on my Apple TV interface. UGH…
I can’t believe that I’m not missing something here. With thousands and thousands using Zwift on Apple TV, I can’t believe everyone else is fighting with their Apple TV remote every time they want to select a workout from a training plan… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Adding my voice of discontent here. Switched from a Windows environment to an AppleTV 4k (2021) due to dead PC graphics card. AppleTV seemed the best cost effective option, but gotta say, as a regular Pace Partner user, the remote integration into the Pace Partner select screen is unusable. “Hit and Miss” is an understatement and that’s with the “new” remote.

I’ve read above but nothing really works for me. My workaround is to select the route the Pace Partner I want is using, and ride it in reverse until I find it, then turn around. Not ideal.

Come on Zwift!


i have just spent unsuccessfully half an hour trying to get my next workout in the build up ftp plan to load on my apple tv
Usually it offers the next workout fir that week ( often nit in the order if the plan)
if youve done something else though your on the home menu and have to stroke down to, workouts and far right to plans, select by trail and error the plan your on and try to swipe right onto view plan, where your at the end scroll left to your week/ day then try ti select the one you want without going back into the full list of plans !
If you do successfully get to the plan. ( and dont “accidentally” select “ done it”, you get to choose a course, and swipe left or right on the subliminally shadowed course selected, scrolls the background, not into the left/ right column.
If successful, often its not the right workout and i have to come allthe way out log in again, re sync sensors…. and try again !!

all this time the companion app “ plans” shows the workout i want but there is no way of running it !
( ps phone remote app, is just as bad)


This is the exact same issue I have, pick the ride I want and a pop up window appears but when I try to swipe right to hit go the background window instead scrolls. At this point I just quit and go right my real bike. No sense paying 20 bucks a month for such frustration.


Same issue. Existing workout plans are frustratingly un-selectable when trying to select them via the Apple TV workout menu. IF you do not select to jump straight into the available workout when starting Zwift.

Fix Apple TV functionality already it’s been 2 years.

Tonight’s frustration ended up showing I completed 3 workouts tonight which I had to undo them so I could start the one I should be on. Now they show completed outside.