Remote control

My remote wont scroll on zwift menu,bike,training etc

Please provide some information about your remote, as well as the rest of your Zwift set up.


This is an issue we’re aware of and should be fixed in the next update.

I’m told that if you scroll really slowly rather than swipe, it does still work but is far from ideal.

Hi nigel
I’ve have 2 gen 4k apple
Siri black remote
Kicker bike running off Bluetooth/WiFi

I did a system update on apple this afternoon
Zwift is up to date

Still whilst on menu for bikes/wheels etc
It still stops scrolling down

Many thanks
Lisa Jane

Just seen your email re update…I’ve slowed down the scrolling, hopefully fixed as you say very soon

So after contacting you before I still have scrolling issues with my remote

Just to recap
On zwift tile screen can’t scroll down so can’t swap bikes ,wheels.
1-I slowed down the speed of remote as suggested in settings but no better.
2- full recharge at mains now 100%
3- restarted ATV
4- Apple system update

My set up
kicker bike

Please can you look into this as I am just about to go back to cat B after a long lay off and in ZRL league I will need to have full access to all my equipment

Lisa Jane