Apple TV Garage Problem

Since the recent Zwift update I can’t seem to change equipment in the garage when using Apple TV.

Can you provide more details as to what it’s doing/not doing?

I just checked on my ATV4K (gen 1 with a gen 2 remote) and it’s working as it should.

Make sure you’re not trying to do something that’s not allowed, e.g. putting road wheels onto a gravel bike, changing bike when you’re not stationary, etc.

Thanks for the replies.
When on a zwift ride with Apple TV I stop and go to the garage, drop down the list of frames it won’t move down the list, but it won’t move down the list using the slider . Same thing happens on other lists in the garage. On my iPad I can select frames etc as normal


The problem I’m seeing is selecting jerseys with the Apple TV remote - can scroll left and right but not down, so I can only select from the top row. Remote scrolling works fine (well, tolerably) elsewhere. Latest iOS and Zwift on 4K Apple TV.


This just happened to me DURING a group ride. Tried to change my shoes - could only scroll horizontally. AFTER the ride while I was standing I could also scroll vertically. Apple TV 4k 3rd gen., latest updates.

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I’m having the same issues. I just rejoined Zwift after a brief hiatus and thought it was just my equipment.


I have the EXACT problem

I cannot even select down below the first row below bike/wheel/me

I’m glad I’m not alone

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Maybe we can identify a hardware/software/settings cause, if some but not all experienced ATV users on Zwift are having this issue.
I’ve just hooked mine up for the first time in three months, updated Zwift and tvOS, and all’s working okay, like it was previously:

My equipment/software

  • ATV 4K (2nd gen., lowest storage capacity model)
  • Siri Remote (2nd gen.)
  • Zwift 1.27.0
  • Apple tvOS to 15.4.1

My remote settings under “Remotes and Devices”:

  • Clickpad > Click and Touch
  • Touch Surface Tracking > Medium (or Fast)

Also tested using the iPhone control centre widget for Apple TV remote and got a similar experience.
In both cases, the remote interface isn’t ideal, but I can move in all directions satisfactorily enough on all menus and sub-menus in the garage (mid-ride), change frames, wheels, clothing, etc., and I can select any workout/plan in the list, too (another commonly cited pain-point).
Hoping you can pinpoint a solution soon.

My setup is identical to yours. The problem seems to be the swipe control when in the garage, it works fine all other times. Does anyone know who we report this problem to? I think it’s Zwift, but I’ve never had any contact with them.


I’m here and I raised this as a concern with the rest of the team earlier.


:pray: thanks

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Hi all - We will get this fixed in 1.28 (likely second week of August).

In the meantime as a workaround, rather than swiping, if you pan s l o w l y upwards or downwards it should work.


Thanks for the rapid loop-back, James. Interesting.
Just for my own curiosity, is this limited to specific profiles and/or ATV hardware? It’s weird that some are running into this, while others aren’t.

Bearing in mind that I know next to nothing about ATV, I believe it only affects Apple TV Siri 1 (Black) or Apple TV Siri 2 (Silver) if that makes any sense at all.

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Does that mean the new UI menu is coming in that update to ATV, and the remote issues will be resolved? Asking for a friend :pray:

I think it means that this specific issue will be fixed in the next update.

I know that we’re hoping to have all ATV users onto the New Home Screen come September but we’ve hit some bumps along the way.

Exact same. I’m on 1.27.0(101324)
ATV4k ?1st gen. I have the swipe remote and a single input IR device, neither are able to scroll or select ‘down’ in the garage menus


Slowly… no fast bike change for iTT to radio tower yet :joy:

Thanks for the update … I will have a go. Better than logging off and back on using iPhone :man_shrugging:t2:

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Has this been fixed for anyone yet? Very frustrating