ATV New Homescreen

Amy Idea when the new homescreen will be coming to Apple TV? Almost the end of July, I’m sure it was supposed to be out by now.

This post from a Zwift staffer appeared two days ago in an ATV-related thread:


Thank you!

From a CyclingTips article dated October 2021…

The new home screen is still a work in progress, and Zwift plans a phased rollout with early testing in November before a full release in early 2022…

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Yup… didn’t quite work out as planned… although suppose early isn’t defined!

It was early 22 for other platforms.

Been on it for Android for a few months and Windows for even longer.

It seems not for the first time compatibility with Apple products is an issue.

Zwift has not provide a monthly update on the Home Screen for several months which likely means the project is circling the drain and staff have been reassigned. Unfortunately Clubs, which was fanfared as having massive potential appears to be headed in the same direction. A bit (a lot) like my DIY projects, good intention following by poor execution and failure to finish - remember steering?

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:rofl: Zwift has a looooong history of that.