Scrolling with Apple TV remote is painfully impossible

Dear Zwift programmers!

great job creating New York! I love the decisions to overlay present and future New York Central Park. Amazing ride is also the Highline. As architect I love the new skylines and all that, pitty that Guggenheim is not white, biut it must be a copyright issue, or?

Anyway what is painful is the impossibility to select some routes with the Apple TV 4 K remote in the scroll menu. It always jumps over it, can stop where I want it to stop in the scroll. Can you solve this, or make for instance a list to select a course in the mobile (phone app, as you did with clicking right, left or staring button). At times I drive other routes because remote just does not stop in scroll where I want it!

Many thanks, and keep up the great work. New York is top! Ride on


I saw (yesterday) a few bugs in New York, like trees from below going through the road, but you must have seen that to, or. I can send you screen picts if that its helpful!

@B_Durruti please watch this thread and vote it up … it’s the same problem,