Apple TV handheld remote

The Apple remote is mostly unusable in Zwift. The scroll pad is ridiculous, it’s simply uncontrollable and there are no alternatives. I continue to find areas of the screen that do not work with the scrolling button on the Apple remote. For example selecting a route or selecting a pace partner, in those areas where a list is supplied and it’s bigger than the window it lives in you can’t use the arrow buttons to navigate because use of the arrow button takes the focus out of the list and to next area of focus (and in some instances the focus of the “cursor”) is lost all together so the user has no idea what to press next to move on or go back. It is seriously frustrating. I spent over 15 minutes yesterday just trying to select a route by trying to slide(drag?) the focus to the route I wanted, but the slider wouldn’t move off the route it was on, but then after a delay it jumps several routes past the one I wanted, so I sit there trying to get it to land on the line I want by going up and down the list, finally, by luck alone landing on the one I wanted.

I have no idea if this would work any better, but have you tried using the iOS remote control for AppleTV?

I assume you are talking about the virtual remote that runs on a phone or tablet, yes I tried it and found it to be worse. Thanks

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Adding to this thread…

I have a Gen 2 Siri remote and it was pretty good for a while this winter. Something in a recent Zwift update borked it again - the touchpad is next to impossible to get a clean scroll with. (Pace Partner selection, Garage etc)

It works GREAT with every other app and the ATV UI in general. Further, the “virtual remote” on an iPad is similarly wonky, solely in Zwift.

Ergo, it is entirely reasonable to conclude this is a Zwift software problem.


I’m the interest of balance, I’ve had ATV for a few years now and the only area I find the remote to be hard work is selecting workouts.

Everything else works fine and I find it easy to use.

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I’ve used AppleTV 4K for Zwift since Zwift came to AppleTV.
I do not have any issues with the remote, even though the touchpad is cracked.
It took a bit of getting used to, but it works just fine.

Perhaps the older versions did work fine, but the latest does not.



I have the latest (silver, Siri v2) remote on my Apple TV and it’s generally fine. Sure, it’s slightly oversensitive and sometimes overshoots, but it’s perfectly useable.

I agree. I’ve made a request that workouts can be loaded in the companion app to solve this.

I’ve been a long time Atv user with the original style remote.

It’s truly awful with zwift!!!

And anger inducing with sweaty hands, in the past I’ve clicked off workouts when trying to alter bias, turned off Erg mode when selecting workouts ……. If you can get the one you want that is!

New Apple TV. Simply will not select pace partners. Considering using a PC again as this is a ridiculous waste of time. Zwift really need to lift their game.

That pace partner selection screen on ATV is a nightmare. For some reason it’s way more difficult to select items than on other Zwift screens.

However, it does work if you persevere. Keep swiping and eventually you’ll move the selection. Of course this shouldn’t be necessary, but it’s not true that it doesn’t work at all even though that’s the impression that you could easily get (and I myself got that impression the first time too).