Apple TV Remote - Navigating in Results Window

After finishing a race/event, Zwift then displays the Results page. I haven’t been able to figure out how to scroll down the list using the Apple TV Remote. If I select the riders names, I see an icon representing the remote, but then pressing any buttons or scrolling don’t move down the list. 

Any tips or suggestions on how to navigate the results page on Apple TV?


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Hi Derek,  it sounds like you are almost there.  Once you see the icon representing the remote, click the touchpad of the remote.  This should give focus to the finish list of riders, and then you can scroll through the list.  Although, if you scroll downwards too vigorously, the focus will change from the list to the button beneath the list.

Good luck!

I have the same problem. I do use the remote but if I go slow it just goes to the ok button at the bottom. I which they make it that you can move to the side bar then click on that button so you can scroll down. 

I too find that the remote doesn’t work too well with Zwift. With event results I find it really sticky and won’t scroll easily. With other functions such as customisation selection or event selection, I find it really fiddly to get it to stop on the item I want.

The sensitivity of the touchpad on the Apple remote can be changed.  see your instructions for the apple remote.   this may help to match the remote’s touchpad with you.  go to Settings/Remote/Touch Surface Tracking.   this might help.

I still can’t figure it out. I get to the remote icon, click it and try to scroll down. Sometimes it moves, sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve tried to change the remote’s sensitivity too. Bit of a pain, especially when I usually finish 300+ in big events. It used to hop straight to our names (not sure whether that was on computer or ATV), but it doesn’t anymore now.

Doesn’t work for me either. Changed sensitivity but no difference.

Perhaps Zwift can eventually check out some of the add-on products that I see at Amazon to expand functionality of the remote… it would be nice to have all navigation working easily and not have to use a computer.   Or, maybe someone has experience with a product and could recommend to the community.

I tried to reduce the sensitivity of remote and it actually seemed to make it worse. Still haven’t really figured this out.

I don’t imagine I would purchase an add-on but would sure be nice to get this functioning properly…maybe a redesign of the event results screen to adapt to Apple TV Remote’s idiosyncrasies.